Improve Your Marketing Game with Our Intuitive Software Upgrade

May 3, 2023

MyMarketingPass improves its unique marketing technology software and will improve the user experience for digital marketing agencies and small businesses.

MyMarketingPass has announced a new upgrade to its popular marketing technology software.

MyMarketingPass has multiple new features designed to make life easier for Digital Marketing Agencies, Small Businesses, and Coaches/Consultants, including:

MyMarketingPass UX upgrade - With the latest interface update, users of the marketing solutions software can now easily identify marketing projects and individual tasks. The new feature automatically fills in relevant information related to each project, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. In addition, customers can easily adjust the priority of projects based on their needs and queue up upcoming projects in advance to streamline their workflow. This enhanced functionality empowers users to manage their marketing campaigns and easily achieve their goals efficiently.

LeadStream - LeadStream is an innovative technology that seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help users discover and connect with their ideal prospects. By automating the search process, LeadStream frees users from the distractions of newsfeeds, ads, and messages, allowing them to focus fully on building meaningful connections with potential customers. With LeadStream, users can easily streamline their prospecting efforts and achieve greater success in their sales and marketing endeavors.

SocialCentral - SocialCentral is a revolutionary software solution designed to help businesses streamline their social media marketing efforts. With SocialCentral, users can easily automate the content creation and posting process, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business. By setting up a simple process, clients can plan their social media content on autopilot, freeing up time and resources to focus on other critical tasks. With SocialCentral, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their social media marketing campaigns, helping them to reach new audiences and engage with their customers like never before.

A full list of changes to MyMarketingPass can be found on the company website,

The changes in this marketing technology software were bought about due to the clunky user interface, certain customers over-burdening the system through high ticket requests, and inefficiencies in the backend that may have caused delays in deliverables. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for MyMarketingPass, customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future.

Blaire Brown, Owner of Visionary Advantages, Brand Strategy Group, had this to say:

"MyMarketingPass makes running a marketing agency so much easier! They deliver elevated, professional work every single time I submit a project with a fast turnaround— and it saves me so much time. Now I can focus on growing my business rather than getting ‘stuck’ in it handling tedious projects. It has been an all around gamechanger for my business growth and work/life balance. They just make everything better!"

Current customers interested in learning more about the upgrade can do so directly on the website at New customers can also use the site to purchase the latest version of MyMarketingPass.

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