Improve Your Image with Professional Headshot Photography

Jul 24, 2021

Enough with the selfie self-portraits – giving the right first impression can make the difference between earning 5 figures and 6 figures! We’ve created a new Headshot Portfolio Package to help.

Professional Headshot Photography - NYC Quality... in Charleston.

Headshot Photography - Professional Headshot Packages now being offered for personal branding, corporate events, resumes/vitas, realtors, actors and more.

Bring new life to a Personal Brand or make an impression on potential employers, agencies or potential clients. Schedule a photo session with a make-up artist/stylist at your service for just $350. They'll use a variety of lighting, backgrounds, expressions, wardrobe choices and angles to make sure they get just the right shot that makes their clients look fabulous! After an initial test shoot to make sure things are looking as hoped, they then begin the "real" photo shoot to take the images that will be able to selected from. Once everything is done, they offer an option to either choose the favorites right away, or they can upload the images to a private website for review where clients can review and select the very best ones that they want to purchase at their leisure.

We are an experienced Headshot Photography Studio, and we are excited to announce the launch of our newly re-imagined Headshot Photography packages. This awesome Headshot Photography package is now available from July 1 through the 2021 Summer Season.

In-studio Headshot Stylist Special

Benefits of In-studio Headshot Photography

   •We have the lighting, backgrounds and all that is needed in our studio

   •Even for those on the shy side of being comfortable in front of a camera, we help a person feel at ease

   •Immediate results - you can choose your favorites right away if desired

In-studio Headshot Photography Packages will be available on our website,, at $350 for a limited period of time.

With Summer already moving forward fast, visit us today at and schedule a session now during our summer special.

We also perform headshot and portrait shoots on location for individuals and companies. When scheduling, clients can choose their preferred location. We service the major areas of Charleston, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and even Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

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