Improve Children’s English Literacy With Researched Program In Frisco TX

Jan 15, 2021

The Reading Ranch is now available for students all over the world. Its VLP programs are designed to help your children with the literacy skills of reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and critical analysis through interactive online sessions.

The Reading Ranch in Frisco, TX brings you its exclusive Virtual Literacy Programs for students anywhere in the world. Their certified tutors are trained to teach literacy skills to your children through interactive and fun online classes. The curriculum is based on research and multiple proven results. The programs provide enrichment in reading and writing so that your children can be confident and independent in developing their literacy skills.

With the announcement of its Virtual Literacy Program, the center aims to help local and international students improve their English literacy skills. They aim to solidify the reading skills of students all over the world. Their teachers are trained in teaching children from Pre-K to the sixth grade, on skills such as reading, spelling, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension enrichment.

The Reading Ranch online VLP program provides live classes in phonetic awareness and phonics. The sessions are interactive and use methods and practices based on research. They provide personalized guidance, and respond to your child’s needs in real-time.

The Reading Ranch VLP is a monthly commitment. These online classes provide you with the satisfaction that your children are receiving high-quality reading and writing help from the comfort of your homes. Each 50-minute session is designed to expand your child’s academic success.

A teacher tutors only one or two students in a session. Students are provided with pre/mid-point and post-assessments. Online classes are also available for your child if they show dyslexic tendencies. ELL/ESL students will benefit from this course as The Reading Ranch offers a range of programs to boost confidence and academic growth, through enrichment and intervention.

The Reading Ranch offers an exclusive and proprietary literacy program that is phonetically based on enhancing the reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and critical analysis skills(CARS) of their students. The founder, Dr. Kim Southwell has developed the curriculum and methods as a part of her Doctoral studies.

Teachers make reading and writing fun by engaging with your child in multi-sensory teaching styles. They do not teach Math, Science, or test preps but focus on literacy.

Parents will receive weekly updates on your children’s performance and you can also read The Reading Ranch reading and writing blogs. They conduct literacy workshops that allow parents to partner in the literacy process.

For more information visit their website or You can call them on +1-972-365-9441.

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