Improve Amazon Page Listing Content With This SEO Friendly Copywriting Marketing Campaign Service

Sep 30, 2016

Discover how you can boost your Amazon page listing through powerful content edits and new social media and email marketing campaigns to increase awareness and sky rocket sales with Jeremy Standiford’s new service.

A former chemist from Albuquerque New Mexico has launched a new Amazon listing improvement service for clients in any retail business niche. Jeremy Standiford explains that getting started on Amazon can be a daunting task, and its for this reason that he aims to help people to navigate through the maze, growing their business quickly and ensuring their products are found by targeted customers in their niche.

More information can be found on the Jeremy Standiford website at:

When companies and individuals sell their products on Amazon, they are able to reach more customers by listing their goods on numerous marketplaces automatically, getting them seen by audiences around the world.

The website design of Amazon makes it easy for visitors to find a business's products, and with tools like 1-Click purchase, they can be bought quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, customer reviews showcase the best aspects of the products and help to drive more sales and spread word of mouth about the business.

Jeremy Standiford explains that he can help store owners sell their products on Amazon in a variety of ways, highlighting his listing improvement services on his website. The first service he offers is feedback and review management. He goes on to say that he can remove negative feedback from an Amazon page listing and help to nurture positive five star reviews. He has helped his clients achieve over 500 positive verified reviews, which can help improve sales and brand awareness.

In addition to this, Jeremy can provide copywriting and product listing edits to help ensure that the content on the page is as enticing to customers as possible. He emphasises that one of the most common problems he sees on Amazon are listings where the content hasn't been optimized, which can stop it appealing to millions of potential buyers.

Further to this, he can help to organize PPC campaigns to drive traffic to the Amazon page, and create marketing campaigns through Facebook and email to ensure that as many potential customers as possible are reached for any product.

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