Illuvium ReleaseDate LandSale in mid-January which could send Prices to the Moon

Jan 6, 2022

Illuvium’s virtual alien world on Ethereum uses blockchain technology for its RPG virtual alien world game 2022 will be an exciting year with prices predicted to the moon.

Illuvium ReleaseDate LandSale in mid-January which could send Prices to the Moon

Here at illuviumfever .com there is all the latest Illuvium and Metaverse news and information available. Gathering all the latest content and news from blog posts to news articles for the reader's convenience. New content is added daily, several times a day. The team searches for trending topics, exciting new tokens or coins, land sales, virtual concerts, and rising and falling prices, tokenomics, launch dates, free to play, play to earn, NFT’s, how it works, and much much more.

Illuvium is set to launch its open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain in 2022, with the most recent upcoming land sale in mid-January 2022. Illuvium Fever is ready to bring all the news and details out there here daily. The excitement around this game is palpable, with it’s 100+ Illuvials populating this alien world. Each possess different affinities, classes, and abilities. Plus, enjoy zero gas fees for peer-to-peer trading with instant transactions, as well as maintaining custody of assets securely.

2022 will surely be the year of the metaverse. Look no further than the Facebook name change to Meta. Fortnite & Roblox have been successfully used for virtual concerts in the past. Art Galleries and Virtual Lounges are other examples. Meet up with friends to see a movie. In 2022, it can be expected there will be a lot more applications based on blockchain virtual technologies. Illuvium Fever will be rooting out all the news and bringing here to this platform daily every step of the way. Land sales in Decentraland, Sandbox, Illuvium and more could very well be the next real estate boom. People are taking advantage of the changing world and technologies. Sandbox prices increased 16% on Christmas day alone. It is a fun and exciting time to be in! The best way to capitalize on all the new and evolutionary changes happening in crypto today is to stay informed. The goal at Illuvium Fever is to curate the best content around the industry in one place.

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