Ignoring Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Elderly Care Can Lead Over Time to Abuse

Jan 19, 2017

Caregiver burnout, the wrong person, providing care: these are just some of the problems too often the source of small acts of cruelty so often given to our vulnerable seniors. Many are ignorant of basic care principles. Moreover, many just do not know how much their clients under their care are neglected.

Elderly Care Solutions Blueprint today released a free report titled: “Caregivers Do's and Don'ts”. The primary objective of this report is to make new caregivers aware, given the responsibility for care for the first time, of basic caring principles. It is also a reminder, a back to basics, for seasoned caregivers.

This report is free from Elderly Care Solutions Blueprint. It is accessible to the general public specifically those now confronted with new responsibilities of elder care.

The report hits major points about elderly care and fundamentals of treatment. Often a family member is given the task, but that may not always be the best option. Body language of the older or disabled person is a key.

The free report also includes the telltale signs of elder abuse.

About the dangers of elderly abuse, Terry Pratchett said, "I am certain no one sets out to be cruel, but our treatment of the elderly seems to have no philosophy to it. As a society, we should establish whether we have a policy of life at any cost."

A caregiver always maintains professional boundaries such as not opening or reading mail, and always explaining something before.

Interested parties can find the report ready to download, for free, at http://elderlycaresolutionsblueprint.com/download-view/caregiver-dos-and-donts/

Founded in 2015, Elderly Care Solutions Blueprint is a caregivers resource for the care of elderly and the disabled, showing a range of information from the simple to the sophisticated techniques in the care for seniors.

More information on Elderly Care Solutions Blueprint can be found at www.elderlycaresolutionsblueprint.com

For more details, view a video that summarizes the process many go through when confronted with the responsibility of care, where often parents as they age, need more assistance from their grown children. Often professional caregiver agencies or an in-home care provider are the very first steps.

That video can be accessed here at http://elderlycaresolutionsblueprint.com/our-story.

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