Hybrid Workspace: Physical Offices For Virtual Meetings/Work | Newport Mall, NJ

May 10, 2022

WorkSocial (201-210-8255) specializes in hybrid work offices around the Newport Center Mall area, Jersey City, NJ. We are a coworking space that believes in working smarter, not harder.

Hybrid Workspace: Physical Offices For Virtual Meetings/Work | Newport Mall, NJ

Are you looking for a hybrid coworking space for your employees? Has constantly being on Zoom calls made you a Zoombie? Do you wish you had a physical office so you can truly optimize your hybrid work set-up? We got you!

WorkSocial is here to help you work smarter, not harder. We recently announced our new hybrid accommodations for businesses that need a physical office for their virtual meetings. With your shared space, you can now double your team’s productivity as they can physically interact with each other, if necessary, whenever there is a group meeting.

Book a meeting with us today at https://worksocial.works

The new set-up supports hybrid jobs where employees can spend some days of the week at home. We address a common problem that many workers complain of with the hybrid model: a lack of boundaries. People often do not know how to go into “work mode” when they are at home, affecting employee morale and productivity.

This becomes a challenge for virtual jobs where employees need a physical office to “get into the groove” of things. A solution can be found in coworking spaces that give an actual address for virtual meetings. These spaces are typically used for hybrid work as they can accommodate both physical meetings and virtual set-ups.

We take pride in being one of the most trusted coworking spaces in New Jersey. Our hybrid work setup gives the best of both worlds: allowing employees to work in a shared space that gives them the tools they need to be productive while letting them work in a comfortable environment.

We began five years ago and continue to offer flexible solutions that match your needs. This includes having a shared office space and virtual office for as low as $65 a month. Our mission is to support small business entrepreneurs, community outreach, and other business needs while promoting a happy lifestyle. Individuals and businesses are invited to schedule a discovery tour with us through our website. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed at any given time.

A satisfied client wrote, “I love the WorkSocial. I was looking for office space so that I could get out of the house and WorkSocial was perfect as office space and so much more. On my first day, I was more efficient and productive than 2 weeks at home.”

Our Jersey City location offers the business community in nearby Newport Centre Mall, Hoboken, Paulus Hook, Grove St, Weehawken and West New York the convenience of flexible working in today’s agile work market.

Work in a space made just for you and your hybrid job. Go to https://worksocial.works so you can learn more.

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