Huntington Beach’s Top Luxury Spa Offers Relaxing Mommy & Me Skincare Experience

Jul 11, 2023

If you want to bond with your child while being pampered by some of the best estheticians in Huntington Beach, then give the Mommy & Me Spa Experience at Agnes Beauty and Wellness (714-604-3449) a try!

A spa day is a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life, and now, thanks to Agnes Beauty and Wellness, you can bring your mini best friend along with you!

The Huntington Beach luxury spa's Mommy & Me Spa Experience is designed to introduce your child to the rejuvenating benefits of skincare and wellness treatments while giving them the chance to spend a relaxing day bonding with you. In addition to being pampered, your child gets to take home some mementos of their spa experience.

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During the Mommy & Me Spa Experience, you and your child get to participate in several different treatments together, including face massages, organic face masks, manicures, pedicures, and the traditional cucumber slices on the eyes. Throughout the experience, your child is also educated on the importance of self-care and healthy skincare habits.

While your child is enjoying their treatments, you have access to some of Agnes Beauty and Wellness’ other amenities deemed too intense for children. These include the infrared sauna, the full-body lymphatic massage roller shapers, passive fitness experiences, and ionic footbaths to flush out the body’s toxins.

All of the treatments included in the Mommy & Me Spa Experience have been carefully selected to ensure they are safe for your child. But, as they do with any adult skincare treatments, the team at Agnes Beauty and Wellness will tailor the treatments to meet your child's specific skincare needs and development.

As part of the Mommy & Me Spa Experience, your child gets their own pink spa robe and headband, as well as a temporary tattoo if desired. When the procedures are over, they also get to take home their own mini kid-friendly skin kit to encourage at-home skincare plus an item from Agnes Beauty & Wellness’ treasure box.

The purpose of the Mommy & Me Spa Experience is to gently welcome your child into the world of spas and skincare treatments while giving you the opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time with them in a peaceful and serene environment.

“Agnes and her team create an entire spa experience for their clients no matter how old they are,” said a satisfied client. “My young daughter and I recently did the Mommy & Me Spa Experience and I was blown away by how friendly and accommodating they were. They addressed my daughter’s skincare needs and concerns just as they would any other client and I was truly impressed.”

To book a Mommy & Me Spa Experience, you can call Agnes Beauty and Wellness at the number in the description or fill out the request form on their website. The cost of the package varies depending on the treatments chosen, the number of participants, and where the experience is held.

About Agnes Beauty & Wellness

Agnes Beauty and Wellness has been providing professional skincare treatments and products to clients in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas since 2012. In addition to its Mommy & Me Experience, the spa also offers mobile services, 24K facials, buccal massages, lymphatic drainage massages, DMK enzyme therapy, and much more.

Treat you and your child to a relaxing spa day they will never forget! Check their address at

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