Huntington Beach Roller Shaper Class Helps Drain Lymph Nodes For Detoxification!

Mar 6, 2024

Looking to detox and improve your fitness at the same time? Agnes Beauty & Wellness (714-604-3449) offers their Roller Body Shaper Class, blending body sculpting with red light therapy and lymphatic draining techniques.

Imagine an exercise class where you get to experience a deep tissue massage while toning up! Sound like a fantasy? With the Roller Body Shaper Class at Agnes Beauty & Wellness, it's a reality!

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The roller classes are designed to help you reduce water retention while draining your lymphatic system of toxins and toning skin.

With 60-minute sessions available for people of all ages and body types, the Roller Body Shaper Class is part of Agnes Beauty & Wellness’s commitment to providing holistic treatments for mind and body.

Enjoy Full-Body Benefits

Research published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy shows that the use of roller massage is gaining traction as an effective treatment for lymphatic drainage and myofascial release, helping to support natural healing and relieve a number of health conditions. The Roller Body Shaper Class gives you control over your physical detoxification process while you enjoy full-body benefits.

“Our Roller Body Shaper Class brings you into the world of body transformation, where fitness meets futuristic wellness,” explains a spokesperson. “You’re not just sculpting your body; you’ll also be basking in the soothing glow of red light therapy. This is more than a workout - it’s a radiant journey to rejuvenation.”

Combine Treatment Modalities

Combining lymphatic massage with red light therapy, the class uses a device that applies infrared heat alongside wooden rollers. The rolling wooden drum works to break up your fat cells and pockets of fluid, helping to improve circulation and oxygenation.

While stimulating the lymph system to drain toxins from your body and increase the supply of nutrients, the Roller Body Shaper Class offers many of the same benefits as a deep tissue sports massage, helping to enhance flexibility and reduce inflammation.

Relieve Pain & Tension

The infrared lamp that is in the middle of the device's roller drum increases the efficacy of the massage component by up to 70%, as heat goes deep into your body’s skin layers to dilate blood vessels and relieve tension or pain.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the roller treatments at the wellness center. “I’ve done a basic facial, DMK facial, foot detox, infrared sauna, and now the Roller Body Shaper Class,” says Rosie P. “Every time I go, Agnes makes sure I am welcomed and comfortable. I always leave with a smile - highly recommend!”

Treat yourself to something new and super healthy with a roller class at Agnes Beauty & Wellness!

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