Huntington Beach 24k Gold Facial Detoxifies & Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Mar 6, 2024

Agnes Beauty and Wellness (714-604-3449) is excited to be bringing Huntington Beach their new 24k gold facial. This personalized and natural treatment is the secret to glowy, brilliant and youthful skin.

Twenty four karat magic is in the air at Agnes Beauty and Wellness with their new 24k gold facial. Your skin will glisten like gold after this luxury anti-aging experience. 

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The Best Detoxifying, Anti-Aging & Glow-Giving Facial

Agnes Beauty and Wellness' new 24k gold facial represents their commitment to bringing their clients the best in both luxurious and innovative skincare treatments. 

If you’re looking for a luxury facial treatment that offers an advanced anti-aging, toxin-eliminating, glow-enriching and skin-improving experience, this facial is truly golden.

A Personalized Facial Treatment

With a recent article on Allure on the biggest skincare trends of 2024 naming gold products and gold facials one of their top choices, Agnes Beauty and Wellness is pleased to be offering you the powerful natural detoxifying and illuminating power of real gold. 

If you choose their 24k facial, you will enjoy a multi-step and personalized facial which includes an extraction, a deep hydrogen cleanse and an exfoliation, followed by a serum infusion—using a proprietary product blend which will be developed for your skin type—and finishing with their 24k gold powder modeling mask. 

Try 24K Gold For Youthful Skin

In addition to helping rid your skin of the toxins and pollutants that build up in the course of everyday life, real gold will help to accelerate your skin cell renewal for a visual anti-aging effect. Agnes, the head esthetician at Agnes Beauty and Wellness, also particularly recommends the new facial to you if you have hyperpigmentation, skin inflammation or another form of visible sun damage like age spots. 

A spokesperson for the beauty spa said, “Our 24K gold facial helps the skin eliminate toxins, giving the skin a rich glow, and combating hyperpigmentation. The facial also has intense anti-aging properties and, as it uses 100% natural ingredients, it’s rich in minerals that restore skin tone, cleanse, and detoxify. Our 24k facial is sure to give you a youthful appearance.” 

Huntington Beach’s Home Of Skincare & Wellness

The 24k gold facial joins Agnes Beauty and Wellness’ extensive roster of rejuvenating and restorative facials and specialist treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and LED light therapy. The center also offers you whole body treatments like lymphatic drainage massage and infrared sauna. They also run popular wellness and movement classes like their unique Roller Body Shaper Classes, which are designed to bring you maximum skin and body tone improvements. 

Agnes Beauty and Wellness is located at 7561 Center Ave #52, Huntington Beach, California and they are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm.

If you’re looking for a transformative skincare experience, you’re looking for Agnes Beauty and Wellness.

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