Human Plasma Dermal Filler Device For Aestheticians: Get A PRP Extraction Kit

Oct 24, 2022

Timeless Evolution Inc now carries everything your practice needs to perform autologous dermal procedures utilizing a patient’s own PRP tissue.

Human Plasma Dermal Filler Device For Aestheticians: Get A PRP Extraction Kit

In the world of aesthetic care, stem cell procedures have generated great attention for their versatility, effectiveness, and safety. However, in cases like this, too much attention on one solution may stifle potential alternatives.

Luckily, in this case, we don't have to worry about that. The latest stem cell alternative is already here and is currently widely used as a safe and highly effective procedure in cosmetic applications.

Autologous PRP injection facial fillers deliver peptide and cytokine-rich tissue directly to the application site, giving your patients the relief they deserve for a fraction of the cost, and with no risk of rejection. If you are interested, Timeless Evolution can help you get the equipment you need to get started.

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The company's equipment utilizes dermal fillers derived from your patient’s own biological material, improving the speed and quality of healing after the procedure and eliminating the risk of rejection. The treatment uses PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, which is harvested directly from whole blood and contains a wide variety of bioactive proteins, peptides, cytokines, and more.

The fillers that can be applied with Timeless Evolution's device have been in development for several years and are currently widely used in skin regenerative and restorative procedures. Direct application of these fillers may help to reduce scarring, prevent hair loss, or provide a chemical-free alternative to facial rejuvenation procedures like Botox to your patients.

Previously, procedures like these were reserved for direct application to wound beds to promote faster and more effective healing. While PRP treatments are still performed for softening necrotic tissues, it has been discovered that these injections may be successfully used for a wide variety of cosmetic applications as well.

Timeless Evolution provides all the necessary equipment for your practice to carry out these procedures alongside a number of other advanced cosmetic tools. Autologous procedures require centrifugal extraction equipment to source the PRP, and precise measurement equipment to ensure the correct dosage.

PRP, despite being adopted relatively recently by the industry, rivals stem cell applications in terms of regenerative and restorative properties. The PRP procedures are especially suitable as a follow-up to other cosmetic therapies to promote shorter recovery times and reduction in scar tissue in your patients.

Timeless Evolution's team has collected a wealth of information on these complementary treatments, which can be found on its website. The company cites research identifying PRP's potential for relieving arthritis symptoms, as well as its application as a natural pairing for microneedle treatments. When PRP and microneedling are used together, the protein-rich dermal filler can reduce swelling and redness caused by microneedle treatments and result in higher success rates overall.

Timeless Evolution has been at the forefront of aesthetic equipment innovations for several years now, giving providers access to cutting-edge laser and RF treatments. In addition to providing the equipment that aestheticians need to carry out their work, the team can also help design treatment regimens and business plans for practices just starting out.

When it comes to any medical treatment, staying up-to-date on the latest and most effective equipment is incredibly important. Timeless evolution will help you do exactly that, so contact them today!

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