How To Use Portable Induction Heating Machines For Worn-Out Boiler Tube Removal

May 17, 2023

We can all enjoy safer, more reliable energy thanks to an innovative induction heating solution from US engineering company Thermo International and their portable induction heating machines.

When you switched on your bedroom light, charged your phone, opened your fridge and boiled your coffee this morning, did you stop to think about where all that energy came from?

No, not the caffeine. Finish your coffee and then we can talk when you’re more awake.

Our country runs on energy. We simply can’t function without the power plants which literally power our homes, offices, schools and hospitals. Most US power plants use water that is forced up through heated tubing systems, but these tubes degrade over time and must be replaced for both safety and efficiency.

Replacing these worn-out boiler tubes used to be costly, time-consuming and not without its hazards but, thankfully, that’s all in the past thanks to an amazing innovation from Thermo International.

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In the past, you would need highly-skilled technicians with cutting torches and chisels to painstakingly remove the worn-out tube sections in power plants by hand. This often resulted in damage to surrounding tubes, sheeting and machinery, which would need to be repaired prior to fitting the new tube sections, resulting in costly delays and the potential for reduced service to consumers.

Thermo International’s innovative solution, however, uses a portable induction machine to rapidly heat the damaged tube section from within. Unable to expand, the tube collapses and is safely removed without the need for any manual cutting. A new tube can then be fitted and plant operations restored much more quickly. Isn’t technology amazing?

For the ordinary layman, a quick explanation: Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conductive material, such as metal, to expand, forge, soften or strengthen the material, depending on the user’s intentions. This quick, energy-efficient heating method is applied in a variety of industrial settings across the US and worldwide.

The new tube replacement process will benefit so many companies and has been added to Thermo International’s extensive aftercare and maintenance services. This is great news for businesses operating industrial tubing systems. It seems that energy providers can put their trust in Thermo International.

“Thermo International not only supplies the best induction heating machines on the market, but also provides excellent aftermarket service,” said one satisfied customer. “Any troubleshooting is always promptly replied to and the onsite service is also exceptional. I would gladly recommend their team for all induction heating parts and services.”

Based in New Jersey, Thermo International is a leading American engineering group which provides state-of-the-art induction heating technology in heat treatment products. Specializing in induction heating and relieving stress in steel and power generation, the company has affiliates in Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.

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