How to use hairspray – A guide For Men by Da’Dude

Dec 21, 2020

Women have been using hairspray from the very beginning, however, men have only started to use it. Read this simple 5 step process to learn how to use hairspray without making some common mistakes.

Da’Hair Spray for men is the perfect hair spray to make your style look complete and make you look amazing. Da’Dude has released great products, and this is not the exception. It will hold your hairstyle in place the entire day, so you will look fresh without too much effort. It doesn’t make your hair look shiny or stiff, which is super important! (Details can be found on Amazon UK website

But enough about the virtues of Da’Hair Spray by Da’Dude. Chances are if you already have it or are thinking about getting it, you know how great these products are. Today my focus is to provide a quick guide so you can use this amazing hair spray and look perfect. The process only takes 5 steps and they’re super easy to follow, let’s get into it!

1. Prepare the Hair Spray

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth remembering. You want to have your Da’Hair Spray at the ready so you can apply it as soon as you finish styling your hair. It takes time to sculpt your hair into a look you’re happy with. The last thing you want to do is mess it up because you’re running around looking for the hair spray. 

2. Start Styling!

Once you’re certain you have everything you need, it’s time to start styling. We all have a different routine because we all have different types of hair and hair styling methods. So, do whatever you need to do! Wash your hair, condition it, blow-dry it, or apply any products you need. Just don’t use too many products because they will make your hair look sticky and greasy. 

3. Final Touch Ups

When you have your hair in place and it’s dry, you can now apply some Da’Hair Spray on your hands so you can brush the product into your hair with your fingers. This is your last chance to make sure everything is in place and take care of stray hairs of baby hairs so you’re certain you look on point. 

4. Apply the Da’Hair Spray

Now that you’re happy with your hairstyle, it’s time to spray your hair as much as you need. Make sure you hold the Da’Hair Spray at half an arm’s length away from your hair. Also, remember to cover your eyes with your free hand to avoid spraying your eyes. Take your time with the application of hair spray and I recommend circular motions. Don’t focus the hair spray on a single spot; move it around instead for a better finish. 

5. Leave It!

The last step is to leave your hair alone! It’s tempting to touch it, but you want to allow the hair spray to set. You’ve already styled it, if you continue messing with it after applying the Da’Hair Spray you risk ruining the entire thing. 

As you can see, applying the Da’Hair Spray is quite simple! But if you need a visual aid, take a look at this video guide And remember, practice makes perfect. 

The hairspray can be purchased the Da’dude office e-commence store by clicking the following link

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