How to Teach Short to the Ball Hitting Drills Level Youth Baseball Swing

Dec 6, 2021

28,361 users invested in Hitting Performance Lab’s fundamental batting training video drills program for beginners. A step-by-step science and data-based baseball hitting training on how to teach a kid to hit a ball with quick hands, power, and for contact.

Hitting Performance Lab announces its 28,361 milestone for users of its fun step by step how to teach a kid to hit a baseball or softball batting training drills video guide hitting system.

In celebration of this major event, Hitting Performance Lab is bringing back for a limited time only and giving away a free 13-minute video on how to add 40-feet of batted ball distance by doing one simple hitting training drills trick (HINT: it has nothing to do with ‘loading or exploding the hips’). Details can be found on the website:

Hitting Performance Lab has attracted users who are interested in a video instructional training that offers at home baseball or softball hitting drills step by step, fundamental quick hands power strategy, instructional videos with training principles validated by science and data.

The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including how to teach a kid to hit a baseball or softball harder with power, step by step online video batting drills training system, and how to teach a short to the ball hitting drills level youth baseball swing. They even touch on how to teach a son or daughter who is afraid to swing the bat or freezes at the plate softball batting training drills video power system.

Joey Myers, owner and founder, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of Hitting Performance Lab and its hitting training principles since 2008 and upon reaching this milestone, had this to say about the best youth hitting drills for contact, power, and barrel path for kids getting jammed in baseball or softball batting training instructional video system:

“Since 2008, has been working to apply human movement principles validated by science to hitting a ball using swing experiments and data to optimize their processes. They’ve made it really simple for parents, coaches, and instructors to share with their hitters, who may not have had a lot of experiencing playing or coaching at the higher levels. Their system of hitting training drills work! Check their website with over 360 free blog posts, or choose from one of the many unique online instructional courses thousands have invested in.”

People looking for a new fun step by step how to teach a kid to hit a baseball or softball batting training drills video guide hitting system are encouraged to take a look at the Hitting Performance Lab website at:

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