How To Purchase Cardano Using A Goldman Sachs Card: Full Guide & Walkthrough

Oct 4, 2023

If you are looking for new ways to purchase Cardano otherwise known as ADA, using a Goldman Sachs card, you should check out the new report from ADAwire.

Attention crypto fans!

We all remember the earth-shaking effect that the crypto boom of 2021 had on the markets. For a moment, it seemed like traditional banks might go the way of the dodo, and that digital currencies would take over completely!

While that vision never quite took hold completely, it is still fair to say that crypto is here to stay - which has led to some very strange relationships between crypto institutions and your classic big banking institution. In fact, these relationships are so strange that many people are confused as to how they work at all - which is totally understandable!

If you are curious about how Goldman Sachs in particular is handling this peculiar market moment, then ADAwire is here to help keep you informed. Their new report discusses how Cardano fans and crypto investors more generally can use a Goldman Sachs card to get crypto, and what the future might look like for big banks and crypto.

To check out their great new report, click here.

The Report

In this new report, ADAwire details Goldman Sachs’ relationship to the crypto market, and the best ways to work around the recent policy changes regarding direct purchase of tokens such as Cardano.

As the report explains, Goldman Sachs currently offers no direct crypto purchase or storage options through their institution, options still exist if you have a credit or debit account with the bank.

One such option offered by the report is to use the card to purchase BTC or ETH on a primary exchange, which can then be converted to ADA on the secondary exchange market. However, this is only one of several options offered in this new release.

ADAwire On Trading

The article also details a list of potential secondary exchanges that accept Goldman Sachs cards and the process through which those exchanges can be used to acquire ADA. Primarily, the article is concerned with how the verification process and transaction restrictions placed on most Goldman Sachs accounts may get in the way of bulk crypto purchases, and how you can get around those roadblocks to fulfill your dream of crypto ownership.

Following these tips, the article goes on to explain how the budget control tools offered by the banking institution may be useful when setting a spending limit, such as those necessary when using auto trading software. The bank offers tight controls on monthly spending, and the article goes on to explain exactly how to use those controls.

The Future

Much of the further coverage offered by this article is speculative and reflects on how Goldman Sachs and other similar institutions may follow industry trends in the near future. For example, as mass adoption continues for many popular crypto tokens, many online payment solutions have adopted crypto into their ecosystems, which this article suggests may be a sign that banks may be soon to follow.

More Coverage

Hopefully, the report answers any questions still lingering about Goldman Sachs and their crypto policies, but if not, ADAwire has covered the topic extensively on their site - you're sure to find the answers you seek there.

This report is the latest from ADAwire, which has faithfully covered the development of the Cardano token since its inception in 2021. Further coverage can be found at the link below.

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