How To Make Romantic Massage Oil Blends – Recipes By Expert Aromatherapist!

Mar 31, 2022

Start loving essential oils by learning how to make blends that are the next best thing to magic – read this Loving Essential Oils guide now!

How To Make Romantic Massage Oil Blends - Recipes By Expert Aromatherapist!

Blended together, natural ingredients can have wondrous effects. Aromatherapy makes massages even better – Loving Essential Oils can show you how to make the best blends! 

Certified aromatherapist and regular essential oils blogger Jennifer Lane releases her guide to inform you on ways you can combine the many advantages of essential oils while improving your wellbeing. Focusing specifically on homemade aromatherapy massage oils, Lane draws from her expertise in identifying optimal blends that can calm and relax you. 

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The guide contains a comprehensive list of 22 recipes for unique aromatherapy oils alongside explanations of suitable carrier oils, blend ingredients, and combinations. Each featured all-natural oil blend is created by Loving Essential Oils, bringing you physical and emotional perks. 

The guide explains that essential oils can offer you therapeutic benefits ranging from deep relaxation to improved sleep, reduced stress, and rebalanced moods. In addition, Loving Essential Oils states that many oils can also be used to promote healing – helping to relieve your pain and cramps. 

In order to get you started experimenting with essential massage oils, the guide lists easy-to-follow instructions for creating distinct Loving Essential Oils blends at home. Now you can discover their benefits for yourself!

Loving Essential Oils provides you with access to recipes of a versatile selection of aromatherapy massage oil blends spanning scented, romantic, and rehabilitative varieties. Featured blends include Rejuvenating Massage Oil, Stiff Muscle Massage Oil, Good Digestion Massage Oil, and many more – all named for their targeted effects. 

Before listing the varied selection of recipes, the Loving Essential Oils guide advises you to consider your goals for creating an aromatherapy massage oil blend. Whether you’re seeking to stimulate recovery post-workout, improve the appearance of your skin, or reduce stress, different ingredients will be necessary.

Further, in line with the company’s philosophy towards natural, sustainable products, the Loving Essential Oils guide features blends with non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your skin. You can find the free guide as an attachable document via its official website. 

With the latest release, Jennifer Lane continues to expand her vast online library of essential oils and aromatherapy resources. As a further entry in a continuing series, Loving Essential Oils also makes available five tips demonstrating the extensive advantages of aromatherapy massages when practiced with essential oil diffuser blends. 

Experience transformative aromatherapy – check out so you can start reading the supplementary guide alongside the full collection by Loving Essential Oils. 

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