How to Ensure Your Business’s Survival During Recessions: 5 Strategies

Jun 28, 2022

What is your company’s recession-proofing strategy? Giggo offers five methods to help make your business recession-proof.

How to Ensure Your Business's Survival During Recessions: 5 Strategies

In the aftermath of the great recession, businesses realized they couldn’t rely on traditional business models to survive. They had to find ways to make their businesses more resilient and recession-proof. Organizations that are able to adapt quickly and pivot as necessary are the ones that thrive during tough times. To help your business thrive in difficult economic times, it’s important to consider how you can make your company recession-proof. This will give you confidence about your company’s ability to survive a downturn and position it for greater success when opportunities arise again. Read on for five strategies using the platform to make your business recession-proof.

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Create a Culture of Innovation

One of the first steps toward making your business recession-proof is to create a culture of innovation. This means that employees are given the resources, support, and encouragement they need to explore new ideas. A culture of innovation can help drive creativity, promote collaboration, and inspire risk-taking. It will also give your company the edge it needs to succeed when facing new challenges. To create a culture of innovation, you’ll first want to articulate your vision for the future. What does your company look like in five years? Next, you’ll want to make sure that innovation is baked into your organizational strategy. This can be done by streamlining processes, comprehensive management, and effective communication.

Be an Early Adopter

When the economy is strong, new technology and goods are adopted quickly. People are excited about new products, and businesses are eager to capitalize on the latest innovations. But when the economic cycle turns and times get tough, new products are adopted at a much slower rate. As such, it’s important that your business be an early adopter of new technology. This will enable your company to get a running start on leveraging new innovations and staying ahead of the curve in terms of customer demand. It can also help your business take a more strategic approach to acquire new customers. Rather than spending over $3,600 on subscription fees or paying for leads (that often don't follow through) with Giggo's competitors, your company can adopt a more deliberate customer acquisition strategy that’s more likely to succeed during a recession. Being an early adopter will also make your business more nimble. The Giggo platform can help you identify new opportunities, reduce operational costs, and make better use of limited resources.

Leverage Technology

As we’ve already discussed, tech plays a significant role in the contemporary business landscape. It’s also an area that offers significant opportunities for making your business recession-proof. By leveraging technology, you can make processes more efficient, reduce costs, and increase automation. This can make your company more nimble and help you stay competitive during tough economic times. Giggo can also help you better serve customers and create new revenue streams. You can use it to create new products and services, improve the customer experience, and receive qualified exclusive leads. You can also use it to build a strong digital presence, engage with customers across channels, and provide high-quality customer service.

Grow Your Company’s Asset Base

When the economy is booming, businesses often focus on growth. They’re looking to expand their customer base, increase sales, and add new customers. However, when times get tough, this type of growth is unsustainable. Instead, it’s important to focus on growing your company’s asset base. This means you should focus on acquiring new customers who are likely to pay for your products or services in the future. To grow your company’s asset base, you’ll want to focus on acquiring customers that are likely to be loyal to your brand and dependable in terms of payment. One way to do this is by increasing your marketing efforts and digital presence. By signing up and creating a listing on Giggo, your company can acquire new customers more quickly and at a lower cost than it would if it focused on growth. This will help your company stay afloat during a downturn and position itself for greater success when the economy improves.

Increase Your Marketing Efforts

As we’ve discussed, one way to help your business grow its asset base is to increase your marketing efforts and digital presence. This will enable you to acquire new customers at a greater rate and with a lower cost than if you focused on growth. It will also help you retain existing customers and keep them loyal to your brand. There are a number of ways you can increase your marketing efforts. They include: 1. Increasing Customer Lifetime Value: When times are tough, it’s easy for companies to cut back on marketing efforts. Instead of cutting back, you should work to increase the lifetime value of existing customers. Giggo, will enable you to generate more revenue from each customer and spend less to acquire new customers. It will also give you greater flexibility in terms of your organization’s cash flow.

2. Tapping into New Technologies: With new technologies like Giggo, there’s a huge opportunity to expand your digital presence and marketing efforts. These technologies enable organizations to deliver high-quality customer outreach and acquisition at a lower cost. They also give small businesses greater flexibility in terms of the type of content they can produce and the channels they can use to reach customers. By tapping into new technologies, you can increase the lifetime value of customers, reduce operational costs, and deliver the highest-quality lead generation that is more likely to succeed during a downturn.


When the economy is booming, it’s easy for companies to focus on growth. But when times get tough, it’s important to focus on making your business more recession-proof. There are several key strategies you can employ to make your business more resilient during tough economic times. With Giggo, you can start creating a culture of innovation, tap into new technologies, grow your company’s asset base, and increase your marketing efforts.

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