How To Deal With Marketing Challenges Of A Small Business in 2021

May 3, 2021

Small Businesses are facing challenges in marketing in the post-pandemic world and most of them do not know how to deal with those challenges. This guide provides few must-have steps, if taken correctly can boost their online presence, and they will be able to compete with their rivals successfully.

Post COVID-19 is a new world and everything has changed how people shop. Shopping malls are closing, local businesses never opening again and big stores are filing bankruptcies. This pandemic has the most impact on shopping and now when a customer needs a product or service, s/he goes online and makes the purchase without ever leaving home which is very different from pre-pandemic times when going to the store and experiencing the product first hand was the preference. Now this new pattern in shopping brings a whole new challenge to a lot of businesses and their marketing strategies. Local businesses do not know online marketing and especially in these times they really need to be experts if they want to compete with their rivals.

These local businesses need a game plan to get into the business and compete. Below are a few very important steps they need to take in order to survive the digital marketing war and have their strong online presence.

1. Website Optimization

When a customer performs a search online for a product or service, search engines (Google, Bing) use different criteria to find the most relevant business and pull the website to show on the search result page. One of the criteria search engines use is to pick an optimized website with relevant contents. This site optimization is also called on-page SEO. Optimizing a site can be very difficult and time-consuming and requires a fair amount of expertise.

2. Authority Building

Local businesses need to be an authority if they want to get most of the business from the Internet because search engines give preference to those businesses which are “Authority” in what they do. Building an authority is a long process and requires creating great content which must be better than competitors and have other authorities also recognize it. This process is called back linking. It requires a lot of research and analysis and a good amount of technical expertise. It has to be done right otherwise damage can be very difficult to repair.

3. Online Reputation Management

When there are few businesses listed on the first page in a search result for a product or service, customers naturally select a business which has more positive reviews. In fact, the majority of the customers take decisions of doing a business based on other customer’s reviews about the product/service. Getting customer reviews and online reputation management is not easy and a lot of times customers review a product only when they have a bad experience. Every business needs some kind of system in place to have the customers review their product or service after they purchase it and it should allow business to respond to the bad reviews timely to minimize the impact of it.

4. Social Media Marketing

The Majority of the customers now use social media to share their experiences with others, and find the latest trends and products. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are few of the examples. Local businesses need to have a very strong presence in Social Media and should work towards building a following which requires posting of the relevant content regularly, running quizzes, sharing fun posts and along with all that stuff, businesses need to share their products and services. This is a very effective strategy to make your product popular even before the launch. It creates awareness about the upcoming product and increases the sale when it launches. Sometimes business needs to run ads as well on social media but it gives a good ROI.

There are also many other ways to market a business online, and they vary based on the business type but what is important is that, instead of small businesses getting the expertise in digital marketing and trying to do it and fail or not succeed, it makes more sense to have a good team on their side to take care of all digital marketing needs so that they can focus on the business which their customers are expecting from them.

10X Digital Leads LLC is a Digital Marketing Agency startup in Princeton NJ helping small businesses get their online presence in front of the customers. 10X Digital Leads uses advanced AI based software to achieve this objective and their services are very effective and produce the best Return On Investment (ROI).

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