How To Choose The Best Toledo HVAC Contractor & How to Avoid Scams

Mar 14, 2017

Buyer beware say Action Heating, Air conditioning and Electrical after reports of HVAC swindles and poor customer service circulated. Action decided to live up to their name and are now warning customers about the potential hazards of using HVAC contractors who are not reputable.

  • how to choose the best toledo hvac contractor amp how to avoid scams
  • how to choose the best toledo hvac contractor amp how to avoid scams

Toledo, Ohio-based Action Heating, Air conditioning and Electrical, a certified Better Business Bureau company, who specialize in the supply, installation and servicing of HVAC systems have launched a quality service awareness campaign. Concerned by the number of reports of HVAC contractors not delivering a quality service or systems, Action decided to live up to their name and get proactive.

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Wanting to raise customer awareness of reputable HVAC services, Action hopes customers will avoid buying the wrong system or a new system when all they needed was a part. Launching their campaign in March, Action, who deliver Toledo air conditioning repairs and offer 24-hour furnace repair Toledo Ohio feel more people need to get a second opinion before agreeing to buy or repair a HVAC system.

According to reports, thousands of people, every year, buy a new HVAC system after a breakdown because a contractor has told them they need one. However, a simple part would have been enough to get the system running, which would have been far more cost-effective for the customer than purchasing a whole system. Other HVAC buyers were sold systems that are too big for the property. In both instances, the contractor is seeking to make larger sales from a customer that is not aware of the situation.

Therefore, by raising customer awareness of these activities, Action feel they can prevent people from paying too much. Action also believes that when needing an HVAC serviced it's important to ensure that the company is genuine. Many reports indicate that some HVAC contractors are not replacing parts, but are charging for them or that they are saying that they are from a reputable company when they are not.

Action provides quality heating and cooling parts and is one of the most reputable Toledo HVAC companies in Ohio. With years of experience and winning personalities, Action is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and HVAC solutions that improve the quality of living.

Mike and Terry Williams, the owners of Action said, “We've delivered an honest and dependable HVAC service around Toledo for 50-years, and we feel that all homeowners should receive great service, timely repairs and prompt installation by certified technicians. These technicians should be trained and experienced at handling all HVAC and electrical needs.”

To find out more about Action call 419-472-9223 or click on the link above.

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