How To Beta Test An App: Top Startup Mentors Share Tips In This Definitive Guide

Mar 3, 2023

So you think you’re ready to launch after a successful alpha test? Not so fast. Let IdeaPros show you why you shouldn’t skip beta testing.

How To Beta Test An App: Top Startup Mentors Share Tips In This Definitive Guide

So your wife and two best friends from high school think you’ve got the next multi-million dollar app. You think that’s enough to ensure a successful startup launch?

What does your target market really think?

If that question left you stumped, it’s time you considered beta testing your creation.

If you don’t know how to do that, you’re in luck because IdeaPros has published “Beta Test Like a Pro” as part of its series of articles for aspiring founders like yourself. If you want to save on startup costs by making sure that your product addresses a really important need, then don’t make another step without checking this out first.

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After Alpha

“Once you get close enough to share your product or app with other people, you are ready for the next step: beta testing,” IdeaPros said. “You can beta test anything from a product on a shelf to a web-based app.”

One of the primary factors IdeaPros asks you to consider is the size of the testing group. It explained that not all products require a large group, but software applications may require hundreds of testers in order to determine the load capacity of servers or the quality of the user interface.

Another thing you should consider is the type of tester. According to IdeaPros, testers generally fall between two categories: technical testers and influencers.

Technical testers are helpful in finding manufacturing flaws in products and bugs in software. Meanwhile, influencers have the added advantage of having followers, who can be turned into paying customers once your product goes to market.

IdeaPros also stressed the importance of keeping testers engaged and simplifying the feedback process. It further added that keeping all communication channels private is also essential, as feedback coming from your test group may not always sound positive.

And if you hear something discouraging, don’t give up! IdeaPros advised that negative feedback can be used to make further improvements in your product or app. “You will learn what’s the best thing for your clients and what you need to do to make it the best app or product possible.”

Your Unfair Advantage

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