How Restaurants Are Driving Exponentially More Online Order Sales With Out 3rd Parties

Jun 29, 2020

Restaurants are growing rapidly without third parties and doing better right now than ever. How? Tristen and his team at have some surprising insight.

As restaurants are in survival mode, clients are doing unusually well.

In fact, their claim to fame is that their clients are actually doing BETTER since the pandemic.

I wonder, what’s their secret?

I’ve heard they grow restaurants as fast as tech companies by driving profitable online orders to their client’s websites.

The founder, Tristen Larsen who also I hear also owns had the goal of making restaurants more profitable after working with a couple hundred different concepts over the past 5 years.

And instead of allowing a 33% margin to be taken from Uber Eats and other third parties, these guys decided to take things into their own hands.

Tristen made a Facebook post 06/27/2020 that stated:

Times are changing in the restaurant industry.

As more and more food sales are online.

Restaurants now have to become more like internet businesses.


Here’s a secret.

Third parties are not the solution.

Domino’s almost doubled their sales in the last four years.

Their stock grew faster than Amazon and Uber’s.


They took customers to their online ordering website.

And they did it in a profitable way.

Hi, I’m Tristen Larsen, and that’s been the same strategy my clients and I are using to thrive in these challenging times.

And I created a free training video for you that explains the four step growth system we are using to help our clients.

You can access it here:

90% of our clients are doing better right now than ever before.

Every human on this planet needs to eat 2000 calories a day.

The only question is…

Who will they be ordering from?

Learn how to make sure they are ordering from you.

The link is:

This post gained a lot of traction with many restaurant owners flocking to work with his team.

One restaurant owner, I think, his name was Mark the owner of a burger restaurant in Texas went from in debt to soon opening a new location.

What’s a little crazy is the fact Tristen’s strategy actually uses online ordering sales to increase retail sales.

Tristen uses ads to generate online orders at , restaurants make a big profit off these order and at the same time these ads Tristen runs increase in store traffic.

Mark got 1.6 million local impressions while also only paying a couple dollars per online order.

Mark also kept all his customer’s data and trained his customers to go to his website.

Mark was extremely profitable with no 3rd parties during the pandemic.

Now the question I have, is does this work for everyone?

Every concept, not just burgers?

After seeing the research and results, I can say the answer is an absolute yes.

From fine dining Italian, to BBQ, to American bars.

There’s been proven research to show extreme profitability of a wide variety of concept types. gives a free case study and more information into this incredible phenomenon.

Tristen made another Facebook post recently that was a little controversial.

Tristen says:

70% of billionaires came from a sales or marketing background.

It’s no surprise honestly, because In a world with so many “me too” businesses.. like the 61,269 pizzerias in the United States.. the best at selling & marketing beat every other “me too” business.

In fact, when asked 1/3rd of billionaires said they owed 70% or more of their success to their sales talents.

This is ESPECIALLY true in the restaurant business because restaurants are what economists call a “Perfectly Competitive Market”.

Which means “There are many firms producing homogeneous products”.

In other words, you have LOTS of competitors that sell almost the same exact thing as you.

The point is sales & marketing skills are MORE important in the restaurant business than almost any other business!

So how do you become great at sales & marketing?

Learn of course.

Here are the options:

1. Spend hundreds of hours on Youtube, reading blogs & trial and error.

2. Pay multiple 5 figures to get a degree from a professor that knows nothing about marketing on the internet.

3. Schedule a call at

4. Trial & error.

Marketing a restaurant is now the most important part of the restaurant business.

Don’t believe it, look at the biggest restaurants in the world.

They all have sub par food, mostly bad service… but guess what?

They all can sell!

Tristen received mixed responses from this post.

Many agreeing while others upset.

Is food more important than marketing in 2020?

Many owners says yes.

Although many restaurants with great food struggle.

Tristen also said in a similar post the next day:

Why is it that some restaurants are actually doing better right now than ever before?

People are purchasing food online and online ordering is here to stay.

You may not be where you want right now and things may be hard.

The secret is, mastering getting people to order online!

And like you.

When first starting, I had no Idea how to master generating tons of online orders.

I thought posting on social media was enough.

When I figured out the right way to generate orders it was insane.

All my team had to do was figure out the “cost per online order”.

Which is say $2.

This means If my client’s want 100 online orders , all the team had to do was spend $200.

My team accomplishes this by following 4 steps:

1. Set up an online ordering system.

2. Add a piece of tracking code to the site, in order to track orders coming from social media.

3. Change menu to family style so the average ticket is higher.

4. Run persuasive ads to get people to order from the site.

This was an interesting insight for me.

To contact Tristen, go to and schedule a call with their team.

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