How can you get an A+ grade in your Math Assessments?

Jul 27, 2021

It is easy to keep expectations that your child will/should score an A+ grade. But, all children are unique and have different grasping abilities. However, children can overcome the fear of exams if you provide them with the right courses and worksheets. Your child needs special care and attention regarding each subject, and 98thPercentile and their tutors provide that. Enroll your child today and help them shape their bright future.

For many, Math is an exhausting and troublesome subject. However, it is inevitable since you encounter Math practically in every aspect of your life. From cooking your favorite recipe to shopping, you use Math even without realizing it.

But scoring high in Math can be challenging for children. Listed below are some tips on how your child can get an A+ grade in math assessments.

1. Always compile formulas on a chart/sheet:

One of the best tricks of learning Math is always to keep a sheet of formulas handy. Thus, whenever your child gets time, he can have a glance at them. The more his eyes see them, the more he will remember them. Also, it will come as a boon when he solves the questions.

2. Never miss a class:

Teachers give your children easy ways to solve problems or techniques to remember. So, working on the assignments alone can not help your child. It is necessary to pay 100% attention in class. But, it is not possible to be always attentive in classes or to never miss them.

One of the best online e-learning platforms, 98thpercentile has the solution for this. They record videos and lectures, so even if you miss the class, you can watch it. And, this will help your child catch up quickly so that he does not lag in the class.

3. Complete homework regularly to get the most out of each class :

Homework is not a boring compulsion; but, it assists your child with learning. A student’s first job is to know what the teacher expects from him in the homework assignments. Then, ensure to understand what to do. Next, consider the homework assignments he needs to finish before the following class. It will help him evaluate his understanding and progress. The sooner he starts, the faster he can complete all his tasks. Benefits of following this are:

● Your child will be ready for the following class.

● He will understand what is taught in class.

● He can submit his assignments on time.

● It will help your child to ask and answer significant questions in class.

4. Take notes during class:

When you attempt to pick up something complicated, it is simpler to learn and revise with notes. Taking notes is a key to scoring good grades.

So, listen cautiously, write everything of significance and search for potential test questions.

5. It is never too early to start studying:

Revising the notes can prepare your child for the following classes. And, it is always good to learn at the pace that the teacher presents new information. So, noting down important concepts and practicing will help your child to go through those concepts regularly and will make his revision easier.

6. Get ready for tests in advance by revising your notes regularly:

By working on assignments, taking notes, and going through them regularly, your child comprehends the information as the teacher introduces it. But there is more to plan for a test well ahead of the assigned date:

● Begin practicing ahead of time.

● Consider potential test questions.

● Never pile up topics.

7. Confidence breeds achievement!

Trying not to fear tests, being confident, and taking as many mocks as he can, will give your child a sense of accomplishment. Also, he has to believe in himself, keep a receptive outlook on tests, apply what he knows, and trust his hard work.

However, it is pretty much difficult to figure out which mocks and test series are best for your child to prepare. Here, 98thPercentile comes to your rescue.

98thPercentile is a rapidly developing e-learning platform where your child can learn and grow in different zones. They offer Live Online, Math, English, Public speaking, and Coding programs for grade K-12 students. And are geared to drive the students a grade ahead in just half a year.

Programs in 98thPercentile are explicitly curated for children and are customized to serve their necessities by specialists worldwide. Not only will these courses keep your child ahead in class, but also feed him with information that will prepare him for his future. Therefore, many parents across the country trust 98thPercentile for their children’s future.

Moreover, considering the challenges and stress the parents and children go through before their tests/assessments, 98thPercentile has devised free math sample assessments for children in grades 1 to 6. These sample assessments contain grade-wise questions from all the domains according to Common Core State Standards. And, there is an ample number of sample worksheets and all for free!

Specialists at 98thPercentile have assembled questions from those topics that most children find trouble in and have given answer keys to the survey while practicing. The sample assessments cover the grade-wise topics and subtopics related to operations and algebra, operations in base 10, fractions, decimals, measurement and data, geometry, ratio and proportions, equations and expressions, and statistics.

Enroll your child with 98thPercentile to give him the best guidance he ever had. And, within no time, your child will be able to score an A+ grade in math.

For more information on their courses, please visit their site:

Download Free Math Sample Assessments HERE.

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