How can storytelling and designing help children express things better?

Jul 23, 2021

Storytelling and designing give children the opportunity to know themselves, their creative ability and develop skills. These things, individually or combined, make it easier for children to understand themselves and envision things. Organizing events or contests for making comics or other similar is the best way to involve them.

Storytelling has its allure that binds the storyteller and the listener together. Parents frequently take the initiative to read bedtime tales to their children. It is undeniably an effective method of instilling life values, virtues, and morality within children. However, children themselves indulging in it may become more innovative.

Children, too, can be storytellers. And digital assistance may readily mold their imaginations by assisting them in creating comic strips. This concept of role reversal, of children becoming the narrators of their own stories, has its own set of underlying advantages. It enables individuals to articulate themselves easily and envision events. If you are contemplating the how part, then the below-mentioned points can solve that. Let’s take a glance!

1.Telling and designing their own stories strengthens creative thinking:

The idea of creating their tales itself sets the stage for creativity. Making things on their own, from characters to plot, is their first step towards thinking creatively. The creation of their characters, setting the entire story, using symbols helps them express their feelings. They can express their desires, dreams, and worries much better by designing them besides telling stories. You can encourage your children too and help them explore their creative potentials and express themselves in parallel.

2. Storytelling cultivates communication skills:

Communication is the king of expression. Nothing is more appropriate and direct than communicating one’s feelings. Creating stories pushes children to find the correct words and thus a better way to express themselves. They learn how to interact with their readers more creatively by giving shapes to their stories.

3. Storytelling and designing foster presentation skills:

The success of a story is via its engaging power. Children get real-life experience to think on their own to make their story presentable. Through this process, they apply their understanding, which ultimately brings out their creative self. They get better at expressing and visualizing things by making their story engaging for the audience.

The finest platforms for children to demonstrate their talents are those provided by schools, organizations, etc. Similarly, 98thPercentile, an e-learning platform, took the initiative to promote new artists by hosting a comic contest.

98thPercentile COMIX: An initiative to unleash the creative side of a child

98thPercentile established a contest called COMIX to allow children to express themselves uniquely. It was the comic contest in the United States to bring out the inner cartoonist in youngsters. Using their masterclasses, the children could learn how to write their own comic strip stories. There was no participation cost. They had the incredible opportunity to create a great tale, design it using visuals, and bring it to life. This competition was open to students in grades 1–6, with masterclasses given on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of June for grades 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, respectively. 98thPercentile revealed the winners of the comic contest on June 20th.

The COMIX king and queen are:

Grade 1&2 Unicorn - Kiaan Neel Jaini, Neil Kashyap, Deliah Napier

Grade 3&4 Garfield- Avyay Preetham, Bayla Taggart, Arjun Sripal

Grade 5&6 Phoenix- Aahana Sisodiya, Prakrit Vaish, Harshika Meka

Children got a chance to win amazing prizes and scholarships. They received additional benefits of attending 98th Percentile’s Math, Coding, and ELA classes for no cost. The classes will enrich their skills and enhance their academic background in the future.

Your children can also experience expert teaching in 98thPercentile at no cost. If you want to know more about these programs offered by 98thPercentile, visit

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