Houston Heights Fully Equipped Elegant Ballroom Elevates Social Gatherings

Aug 10, 2023

Elevate your next social gathering with North Houston’s The Bell Tower on 34th (713-868-2355). This stunning historic event space just got even better.

The Bell Tower on 34th wants to welcome all guests and all kinds of events to their elegant, opulent venue, and they are on a mission to make sure the next event you throw is truly remarkable.

That's why they are particularly pleased to announce that they have a new ballroom within their extensive grounds, which they think will be just perfect for your next social gathering. Called the Chandelier Ballroom, The Bell Tower on 34th’s new event space is set beneath an antique wrought iron chandelier and is now ready for your booking.

Go to https://thebelltoweron34th.com to find out more.

The Chandelier Ballroom joins The Bell Tower on 34th’s popular selection of historic high-ceilinged and elegantly appointed ballrooms, including their Grand Contessa Ballroom, their Carillon Ballroom and their Candela Ballroom.

The Bell Tower on 34th believes that The Chandelier Ballroom, which is smaller than some of their larger ballrooms, will bring you and your guests a more intimate yet still spacious experience and will be suitable if you have a smaller private or corporate group and are looking to host an elevated social gathering or another type of party or event.

In addition to the large chandelier that frames the space, their new Chandelier Ballroom also features a focal fireplace, a spiral staircase entry, and a large skylight that they believe makes the ballroom particularly special for daytime events. You and your guests will also notice the room’s historic original stone flooring.

The event planning team at The Bell Tower on 34th has also developed new booking packages designed specifically for the Chandelier Ballroom, and you’ll appreciate that the ballroom comes completely furnished for a sit-down dining experience as standard. If you opt to take advantage of the Chandelier Ballroom’s new inclusive package, you will have all AV, lights and decorations taken care of, and you can also use the venue’s in-house executive chef and catering team.

As the new Chandelier Ballroom is just one of many event spaces inside the expansive Mediterranean-style historic complex, you will also enjoy the venue’s standard inclusions like private security and valet parking for all guests.

Leslie Gonsalves, one of the event producers at The Bell Tower on 34th, said, “Whether celebrating an intimate gathering or a grand event, the Chandelier Ballroom will deliver an opulent setting that will leave guests in awe. Offering timeless elegance and charm, this luxurious ballroom is sure to turn any special occasion into an unforgettable experience.”

If you’re based in Houston Heights, there is no event venue as special and memorable as The Bell Tower on 34th.

Visit https://thebelltoweron34th.com/corporate-events to book your next social gathering or event in the stunning and stylish Chandelier Ballroom.

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