Houston Best Open-Air Reception Space For Corporate Events With Incredible Views

Aug 8, 2023

The Bell Tower on 34th (713-868-2355) has an intimate new reception space that is perfect for any corporate client who wants to treat their guests to an unforgettable open-air experience.

Your guests will be mesmerized by the incredible views of The Bell Tower on 34th’s newest reception space.

The Bell Tower on 34th has now turned its scenic 30-foot tall Waterwall into an intimate open-air reception plaza that they believe will be perfect for corporate clients who are looking to host a small-scale gala, social gathering, management event or fundraiser. The events team at The Bell Tower on 34th have now also created new events packages designed specifically for corporate bookings of their Waterwall space.

Go to https://thebelltoweron34th.com to find out more.

The Bell Tower on 34th has transformed their Waterwall into an open-air reception venue in response to a recent article on LinkedIn, which explained that outdoor and open-air events are increasingly being favored by businesses because they create a greater sense of engagement and enjoyment. Because they are, by nature, distinctly different from the workplace, LinkedIn explained that your employees, clients and investors alike will feel more free, sociable and happy in open-air spaces.

The Bell Tower on 34th particularly feels that their new Waterwall plaza, which is enclosed by the venue’s historic architecture and manicured gardens, balances a sense of both openness and intimacy, which makes it particularly perfect for you if you are hosting a smaller corporate event.

To help you take advantage of the incredible views and charm of the Waterwall plaza, The Bell Tower on 34th has also created new event packages specifically with their new reception venue in mind. You will be able to rely on the venue’s well-practiced event planning team to take your event from conception to execution. You will also be able to take advantage of venue inclusions like AV and lighting, furniture—you can have the new Waterwall space set up for a stand-up or sit-down event—décor, entertainment, catering, and more.

Trey Smith, the Technical Director at The Bell Tower on 34th, said, “Day or night, the 30-foot tall Waterwall at The Bell Tower on 34th is a spectacle to behold. As the cascading water tumbles gently down its face, guests can’t help but be enraptured by its beauty. Bringing life to an otherwise average cocktail hour or management conference, the Waterwall gives off an aura of grandeur with its multiple speeds and optional colors that create mesmerizing patterns.”

The Bell Tower on 34th’s new Waterwall plaza is the perfect backdrop for a standout event.

Visit https://thebelltoweron34th.com/corporate-events to book in your next event in the Waterwall and see how your guests thrive in this airy yet intimate venue.

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