Hope-Based Curriculum Helps Arizona Students Cope With Emotional Trauma

Mar 15, 2023

It’s important that educators have the right tools to support their students, especially those who have or are currently enduring the effects of ACE. Hope Rising’s “My Best Me” curriculum teaches students psycho-social skills to reduce emotional trauma, increasing their chances for a successful future.

Hope-Based Curriculum Helps Arizona Students Cope With Emotional Trauma

As an educator, it's challenging to know exactly how best to support students who have or are currently struggling with a difficult home life or any type of adverse childhood experience (ACE).

Of course, as educators, we want to encourage our students toward the greatest version of themselves, but for students in the midst of dealing with ACEs, the traditional academic curriculum might not be enough.

Hope Rising has developed the world's first hope-certified emotional intelligence curriculum to help reduce stress and build resilience in Pre-K-12 students, assisting them in overcoming the negative effects of ACEs.

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✦ A Bit About ACEs ✦

About 55% of American children have sustained at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE). An ACE can be any event that seriously jeopardizes a child's sense of safety, binding, or stability, including abuse, neglect, and violence in the home.

Students who have endured one or multiple ACEs often withdraw from socializing, suffer from a loss of confidence and struggle to express their feelings. Ultimately, this will leak into many or all aspects of their lives, including their academic performance and ability to form healthy relationships.

When not properly addressed, ACEs can result in chronic health issues, mental illness, and substance abuse issues later in life.

✦ How Hope Rising Can Help ✦

"My Best Me", Hope Rising's emotional intelligence curriculum, is a research-based curriculum that enhances your students’ cognitive competence and builds their resilience by teaching them integrated psycho-social skills. This program gives you an opportunity to support your students with structured lesson plans dedicated to addressing personal development issues.

"My Best Me" teaches your students how to effectively manage their stress so that they are better equipped to overcome the negative effects of ACEs. The curriculum also fosters their verbal and nonverbal communication skills and stimulates children to exercise their creativity, all of which improve their ability to express concerns or fears about their home situation.

With this program, created to be taught in one-hour-per-week lessons, your students learn how to understand their identity and role in relationships, how to communicate clearly and work in a team, and how to set clear goals for themselves and create action plans to achieve those goals.

All of these skills, along with the rest of those taught in the "My Best Me" curriculum, have been identified by the CDC as effective prevention for the negative and long-term effects of ACEs.

✦ About Hope Rising ✦

As a 2022 Guidestar Goldseal of Transparency recipient, Hope Rising is committed to inclusivity, diversity, and equity through all of its practices. The company strives to improve learning environments by delivering its award-winning emotional intelligence curriculum to Pre-K-12 classrooms around the globe. Hope Rising uses scientific studies and research to inform its curriculum and its original educational blog series which is available on its website.

Want to learn more and read through samples of the "My Best Me" curriculum? Just go to https://hoperisingedu.com/

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