Home Septic Tanks Maintained Easily With Eco-Friendly Solution in Washington

Apr 8, 2021

Using the innovative septic Oxy-Tabs from EcoNow, you can efficiently manage the operation of your home’s septic tank without the use of numerous complex and expensive products. This product is safe and biodegradable.

EcoNow based in Jericho, NY brings you its Oxygen Tablets for septic tank treatment, cleaning and maintenance. Now you can say goodbye to costly septic tank cleaning agents and the terrible smell of a clogged tank. This superior product’s unique combination of oxygen, safe bacteria and enzymes will break down your household waste.

With this new product, the company provides an environment-friendly and cost-effective solution for the maintenance of household septic systems. This product was designed to treat your septic tanks efficiently and to prevent messy costly mistakes.

The product from EcoNow utilizes OXY-TAB technology to provide oxygen and billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes for septic tank maintenance. The oxygen enables the aerobic bacteria to grow and thrive for the effective biological degradation of the clogged matter. It also prevents the production of hydrogen sulfide and its resulting “rotten egg” odor which can permeate into the house.

The elimination of hydrogen sulfide also prevents the production of sulphuric acid which can corrode septic walls and pipes. The product contains safe microorganisms that encourage the breakdown of household waste, solids, grease and toilet paper, to efficiently maintain your septic tanks.

As soon as the tablet is submerged, it begins to effervesce into fine oxygen bubbles thus oxygenating the waste water. The tablets fizz and bubble to evenly spread safe and beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the septic tank.

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Other liquids and powders float on the top layer of the tank or quickly discharge out of the septic system. Oxy-Tabs’s active ingredients stick to the pipes and tank walls. This unique bottom-up distribution makes this product effective.

For more information or to buy the product you can visit their website at https://www.econowconsumer.com or https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=econow%20oxy%20tabs

EcoNow’s Septic Oxy-Tabs are eco-friendly and biodegradable. It helps to balance the number of beneficial bacteria in your septic tank and thus prevents costly back-ups. When used every month, the tablets effectively reduce and slow the rate of sludge formation, keeping the septic system running smoothly. The Oxy-Tabs are available in 3, 6, and 12-month sets. It can be bought at Home Depot, Walmart and Amazon.

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