Home-Based Business Training Course With Coaching From Successful Entrepreneurs

May 23, 2024

“Successful entrepreneur” and “happy family life” don’t always go hand-in-hand. eBizLifestyle’s report on the 7 Steps to Freedom video training course has you covered! Learn how to build a successful online business while achieving your desired work-life balance.

Striking a balance between career ambitions and family responsibilities can feel impossible. Oftentimes, finding success in one means sacrificing the other. But it doesn't have to be that way.

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Considering the demand for work-life balance, eBizLifestyle shared its report on the 7 Steps to Freedom video training course, highlighting the benefits of the program.

Designed specifically for business owners juggling family life's demands, 7 Steps to Freedom equips participants with the tools and strategies necessary to establish an online business without compromising their family commitments.

Can You Really Balance Family and Business Success?

Since 2019, there has been a growing demand for flexible work-from-home opportunities that align with the demands of modern parenthood.

The 7 Steps to Freedom course, eBizLifestyle explains, aims to address this concern by providing a structured framework that helps busy parents manage their time and resources effectively, enabling them to pursue their business goals without sacrificing their personal responsibilities.

According to a recent study, nearly 70% of American entrepreneurs start their businesses at home. With the rise of home-based entrepreneurs, platforms like eBizLifestyle are becoming increasingly valuable.

The company offers a collection of vetted educational materials designed to simplify starting and scaling an online business. From step-by-step training courses to on-demand webinars, eBizLifestyle's offerings are carefully curated to address the challenges aspiring entrepreneurs encounter.

One satisfied student said, "Very valuable information! It makes sense to have a money plan as opposed to flailing around with no direction! Amazing stuff! I want more."

What Does the 7 Steps to Freedom Course Cover?

The 7 Steps to Freedom course is designed to guide participants through a series of modules, each focused on a critical aspect of building and sustaining a successful online business.

From defining clear targets and creating a financial plan to developing a marketing strategy and growing an online community, the video course covers many essential topics for entrepreneurial success.

The program includes seven video lessons walking you through the steps of running a business:

  1. Clear Target: Exercise for setting a laser-perfect target
  2. Money Plan: Create your financial freedom plan
  3. Game Plan: Discover the path to becoming profitable
  4. Goal Card: Set your personal goals and learn how to achieve them
  5. Your Hub: Set your niche and industry online
  6. Community: Build a community of 1,000 members
  7. Scale and Go BIG: Learn how to expand your business


One of the standout features eBizLifestyle notes is the course's emphasis on practical application. Students are encouraged to implement the lessons learned immediately, ensuring an easy transition from theory to real-world execution.

Additionally, the course provides access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals, cultivating an environment of collaboration and shared learning.

Is eBizLifestyle Right for You?

eBizLifestyle's commitment to supporting entrepreneurs extends beyond the 7 Steps to Freedom course.

From affiliate marketing and traffic generation strategies to e-commerce and personal branding, eBizLifestyle's offerings cater to many different career choices.

"We understand the challenges of balancing a busy family life with entrepreneurial aspirations," said Nadia, founder of eBizLifestyle. "That's why at eBizLifestyle, we specialize in simplifying the online journey for professionals with young families who are interested in launching their business ideas online and helping them to scale with clarity and confidence."

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