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Jun 15, 2024

Repairing your old air conditioner is one thing – but replacing it with a newer, better, more efficient unit is quite another. Clark Heating and Cooling can do exactly that, so call +1-602-793-2477 to book your service in Avondale, AZ!

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Summer in Arizona can be a challenge for the unprepared - especially if your air conditioner isn’t performing like it once did! Never fear, Clark Heating and Cooling can fix you up with a brand-new unit that’ll do exactly what you expect: cool your home!

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This team understands exactly how important home cooling is for your family. Trust Clark Heating and Cooling to evaluate the cause of your faulty AC system before installing replacement units where needed.

Replacements often represent a more cost-effective route than enacting numerous repairs whenever issues crop up. Older systems in particular are prone to malfunctioning over time - especially when they’ve been fitted incorrectly. Clark Heating and Cooling knows all the signs of such units, and its crew offers proper installation procedures in assistance.

Problems stemming from uneven system placement are common when it comes to air conditioning units. Why? Because poor positioning can cause issues with the internal mechanisms of cooling equipment - including early motor failure. As full-service installers, Clark Heating and Cooling is ready to remedy such faults from the ground up - chiefly by fitting new units.

“Drainage and condensation issues can cause a lot of destruction both inside the unit and outside if not properly leveled,” adds a team representative. “Our installers know how important a quality installation is. We enjoy doing an install and watching it perform properly on startup.”

Go new!

Scheduling a new installation to replace a faulty unit offers the advantage of bringing an extended lifespan. After all, even systems that have been repaired may still bear signs of damage from the initial issue - reducing their longevity and diminishing their cooling performance. Why risk it?

In the Arizona desert, you simply can’t compromise on your cooling solutions. This team predominantly uses proven equipment by York, citing their quality and durability as major reasons why. When you opt for cooling system replacements, you’re starting afresh with units that haven’t been marred by past performance issues.

And that’s not all - Clark Heating and Cooling is also equipped to provide regular maintenance work to help preserve the working condition of your cooling unit. As such, they look to ensure the comfort of your family on a long-term basis.

One recent customer said of their experience: “Clark Heating and Cooling came out to fix our air conditioning which was not blowing cool air. They responded quickly and provided communication via text, email, and phone. Arrived per the agreed time and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. The cost was reasonable and they provided the estimate before any work.”

Your home’s cooling is an urgent matter - you consider it as such, and so does this team.

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