Holistic Problem-Solving Consultant Strengthens Organizational Resilience

Nov 30, 2022

Dr. Erika Wichro is the CEO of peace-building and collaborative partnerships. An award-winning consultant for leading global health organizations and mission-based organizations, she specializes in rebuilding hope, implementing strategy and strengthening resilience at the individual, institutional, and community levels.

Holistic Problem-Solving Consultant Strengthens Organizational Resilience

In today's unprecedented post-COVID times, people are exhausted. Many say they feel beaten down, powerless, and less able to navigate challenges or changes the way they used to. Maybe you've felt like this from time to time too, and deep down, you know you could use some help.

Whether on an individual level, or in your capacity as a manager, company leader, or community leader, confronting barriers and climbing out of a rut means learning about better, more effective ways of dealing than what's clearly not working now.

This is where Erika Wichro, former WHO, CDC and international commissions consultant in health, wellness, and resilience can help.

Dr. Wichro says that by uncovering your superpowers, and brushing off that inner resilience, there's nothing that can stop you from achieving even your loftiest goals and living a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Dr. Wichro has helped nations, organizations, institutions, businesses, and communities strengthen their health systems, their management strategies, and their pandemic response and preparedness capabilities, and she can help you too.

Book a consultation right now, at https://www.drerikawichro.com and let's get started forging that new path.

With a background in global health and medicine, crisis management, ethics, economics, psycho-social support, and international law, Dr. Erika Wichro puts her expertise to work in helping individuals and company stakeholders like you see and understand the pivotal roles conscious, evidence-based actions and mindful decision-making play in facilitating positive change.

Take a listen to Dr. Wichro's "Health is Wealth" podcast for tips and strategies you can put into action right now https://open.spotify.com/show/3ml1YMTqhT0OoKSRLCJNON

Winner of the International Association of Top Professionals’ International Public Health Expert award in 2020 and the Empowered Woman award in 2021, Dr. Wichro is the author of several academic articles and a regular guest speaker in the media and at various global conferences. Her work is also featured in Stephanie Cirami’s book The 50 Fearless Leaders: Stories of Resilience, Strength, Perseverance & Passion, found here https://www.amazon.com/Top-Fearless-Leaders-Resilience-Perseverance-ebook/dp/B09YYV7NTT

Both academic researcher and operational strategist, Dr. Wichro has overseen the improvement of global and civil health and security protocols and emergency medical team coordination, and has directed capacity building among staff and stakeholders for the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism. She has both the deep-seated understanding and practical experience needed to identify the root of counter-productive habits and procedures, and can quickly put you or your team on course toward a happier and healthier future.

Take a moment to watch her guest feature at a recent Top International Professionals segment at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUVStpgNji0 and here, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW1aCU5SP6s to find out more.

As a policy and procedural strategist, Dr. Wichro has facilitated cross-sectoral partnerships for various safety organizations while her leadership in problem-solving and project implementation within multi-cultural settings has impacted a range of emergency preparedness and psycho-social technical supports.

If you're struggling to improve your company's morale, and help your teams better engage so they can deliver their best performances, Dr. Wichro offers personal and professional development consultations you can count on.

By blending academic research with strategic planning, Dr. Wichro helps you optimize resilience and accelerate growth, especially in times when changes are inevitable and inner resources are faltering.

She says, “The biggest satisfaction is to be of service, to assist others in tapping into their power and unleashing the great potential waiting to be discovered. When you do what you are passionate about, everything becomes effortless, and no challenge is too big. I go the extra mile with you to help you achieve your aspirations. Together we thrive.”

With over 17 years in health emergency, pandemic preparedness and response, health system strengthening, training, and research, Dr. Wichro offers you the experience and expertise you can draw on today to begin building your better tomorrow.

Ready to turn the page on mechanisms that just aren't working anymore? Set up an appointment with Dr. Wichro at https://www.drerikawichro.com and let's activate your superpowers!

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