Holistic 3-Day Business & Wellness Retreat In Mexico For Women Entrepreneurs

Jul 26, 2023

Learn how to achieve a better work-life balance at Alyssa Pfennig’s retreat for female entrepreneurs in Mexico. This is a 2 1/2-day event for self-employed women looking for spiritual coaching to enhance their wellness and business growth.

Are you a female entrepreneur feeling stuck in the rut of overworking but struggling to reach the next level of business development where you can delegate work? You're not alone! And Alyssa Pfennig, a highly regarded business coach, hosts a 2 1/2-day business retreat in Mexico, where you'll learn how to balance a successful business with a happy body and mind.

This retreat is an incredible opportunity for any businesswoman looking to take her career to the next level. But don't think about it too long; only a few spots are left for the 2023 session!

The retreat takes place at the peaceful Sagrada Holistic Ranch in San Miguel de Allende. This idyllic location is the backdrop for a combination of business strategy development and wellness practices. It's not just about growing your business; it's about creating a company that gives you the freedom you've always desired.

For more information about the retreat, check out Alyssa's website here: https://alyssapfennig777.lpages.co/business-retreat/

Alyssa's approach to business coaching is quite unique. She believes that entrepreneurial growth strategies need to integrate wellness and spiritual coaching. It's about nurturing the mindset that fosters personal and business growth. This perspective places you, the entrepreneur, in a prime position for sustainable success.

The retreat itself is a meticulously planned 2-night, 3-day event. You'll receive tailored advice and training covering various topics, such as brand building, marketing strategy, organizational development, and business modeling. You'll also get to share and discuss business and life challenges with the group. Understanding how to solve these issues can help you create a company that allows for personal time and a flexible lifestyle.

The retreat will give you invaluable insights into business growth strategies, personal branding, and digital marketing. Surrounded by like-minded women and guided spiritually, you can learn about the tools necessary for staying relevant, increasing revenue, and expanding visibility. And let's not forget the emphasis on self-care. This retreat is as much about recharging and refocusing on your business goals as it is about learning. You can additionally choose to partake in a holistic healing therapy session.

Alyssa Pfennig also offers online courses, including a 3-month step-by-step program for healers, coaches, innovators, creators, leaders, and holistic health practitioners looking to expand their businesses and income.

In her own words, Alyssa states: "Whether you're breaking multi-6-figures or hitting seven figures and beyond, it's time to break through to the next phases of growth and design your business to support the life you want to live, plus the freedom you wanted since day one."

If this resonates with you, the upcoming retreat may be just what you need to propel your business and personal growth. Check out full details about the retreat at: https://alyssapfennig777.lpages.co/business-retreat/

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