Historic Ballroom With Grand Marble Staircase Is Most Elegant Event Venue In TX

Nov 27, 2023

The award-winning The Bell Tower on 34th (713-868-2355), the jewel of the Houston event scene, has opened their event calendar for 2024 for their most sought-after grand ballroom.

If you want to host an event where your guests can truly make a grand entrance, you want The Bell Tower on 34th – their grand ballroom features the most beautiful staircase in all of Houston.

The Bell Tower on 34th sees their grand ballroom, which is called the Carillon Ballroom, as the centerpiece of their expansive historic venue and they are pleased to now be offering you the opportunity to book the space for the coming year and to take advantage of new dedicated event packages that will allow you to maximize the architectural beauty and grandeur of the space. 

Go to https://thebelltoweron34th.com to find out more.

As 2024 approaches, the event production team at The Bell Tower on 34th is pleased to be making their most elegantly appointed ballroom available for your wedding, private party or corporate event. 

Within the historic hacienda-style complex, the venue holds multiple high-ceilinged and Instagrammable ballrooms, including their popular outdoor Waterwall plaza. However, the Carillon Ballroom is often distinguished by its opulent finishes, especially its grand staircase. 

A spokesperson for the venue said, “The splendor and magnificence of the marble staircase in the Carillon Ballroom is not to be overstated. The carefully crafted marbled steps, adorned with intricate wrought iron designs that curve gracefully make for an unforgettable grand entrance – one worthy of any event attended by the rich and famous.” 

To help you make the best use of this regal space, the events team at The Bell Tower on 34th can offer you full event planning services which encompass all audiovisual requirements, furnishings and décor, and food. As standard, the event offers valet parking and on-site security, and their prime position in the Houston event scene means they also have extensive contacts with specific vendors for music, entertainment, florals, and more. 

The Bell Tower on 34th will give you completely private use of the venue, which means their event production team and on-site coordinators will work exclusively with you to bring your event vision to life and to see it executed flawlessly on the day or night of your event.  

The event venue’s spokesperson added, “Whether it’s grand balls, lavish parties, or exclusive galas, your guests will feel like royalty from their first step into the Carillon Ballroom. Its sheer beauty is enough to take any guest’s breath away.” 

The Bell Tower on 34th is located near to Downtown Houston and the award-winning venue invites you to book a venue tour and secure your date for 2024. 

Whenever your guests ascend or descend the Carillon Ballroom’s famous stairs, they are sure to feel incredibly glamorous and fabulous.

Visit https://thebelltoweron34th.com to see how The Bell Tower on 34th can make your event a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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