Hire Local Service Providers For Jobs With This Charlotte Based Mobile App

Mar 1, 2021

Looking to hire handyman, caregivers, educators, technicians, and specialists in your neighborhood? Download the FlipTree app today to browse the community-based services you need!

Employ specialists in your neighborhood and support your local economy - download the FlipTree mobile app to find vetted and background-checked service providers in your area that you need!

FlipTree, a technology company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, have recently launched their new mobile app, offering a platform where people can browse, hire, and pay local specialists, ranging from professional educators and sports coaches, to repairs technicians and pet groomers.

More information is available at https://fliptree.com

The FlipTree mobile app offers their customers an accessible, all-in-one platform for finding vetted local service providers, such as plumbers, tutors, landscape gardeners, and more from within their community. The newly launched app is ideal for customers looking to hire locally, in addition to providers looking to offer their premium skills and services to their community.

Their recently updated service portfolio, which can be browsed on the FlipTree mobile app, showcases over 250 service categories, including sports and exercise coaching, cooking classes, education, and entertainment, in addition to offering a number of local technicians qualified in landscaping, electronics, automotive repair, caregiving, and more. The multitude of service offerings are intended to tap into the time and skills of customers and encourage them to enroll as service providers in addition to being customers.

The platform enables a user to set up both customer and service provider profiles under the same account, and the 1-click profile switch helps users to switch roles between customer and service provider without the need to leave the mobile app.

Through the comprehensive platform, customers and service providers can access appointments, ratings, payment options, and secure instant messaging. Moreover, the app allows specialists, including hairdressers, music teachers, cleaners, and beauty technicians, to be in control of their own services, availability, and rates, including easy, 1-click cancellation for both customers and providers.

Specifically, the app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, allows customers to get quotes, schedule convenient appointments, and make secure payments. This is an ideal platform for individuals and freelancers looking to create a web of loyal local customers, given that FlipTree offer their service providers enrollment with absolutely no startup fee.

Moreover, FlipTree covers the cost of your essential background and identity checks, allowing you to optimize your business opportunities without any overhead such as job lead or advertising fees. In fact, for new service providers, the first thirty days of FlipTree membership is free, and there is no contract.

Since the provider listings are purely anchored on customer reviews, the platform stays neutral and gives every provider the same reach and access to customers who will hire them based on their reviews. By local hiring and spending within their communities, FlipTree gives customers a great opportunity to grow local economies.

FlipTree also allow their providers to offer multiple services at no additional cost and takes no commission from customer payments. In addition, they make daily payouts, directly depositing cash to service provider’s bank account giving fast access to cash to the provider once a job is completed. FlipTree’s company vision is to promote a lifestyle fostering trust between members (providers and customers) with in a community in order to create self-sustaining local growth, and influence surrounding communities to adopt the same.

With FlipTree, gig workers, freelancers and people with specialist skills can get hired by locals on their own terms, helping the community to sustain its economy from within. People in need of premium services can hire professionals based on their customer ratings and receive excellent services while supporting the local economy.

FlipTree is the secure mobile app offering to connect you with skilled professionals in your community - visit them today on the App Store or Google Play to get the premium service solutions you need!

You can find out more by clicking on the link above!

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