Hire Local Reliable Sparks NV Commercial Electrician For Electric Installations

Mar 23, 2021

Looking for a reliable electrician for your office in Sparks, NV? Lakeview Electric offers a full range of commercial electrical services, including construction, installation, maintenance, and repair.

If you own a commercial space like an office, restaurant, or shop, you probably have a lot of equipment that needs to be installed and functioning properly. You can’t afford to compromise on the quality of electric systems because your business and your employees’ safety depend on it!

A professional commercial electrical contractor can ensure adequate electric supply, sturdy wiring, and proper installation and maintenance for the seamless functioning of your business.

Lakeview Electric launched an updated range of commercial electrical services for businesses in Sparks, NV. The company’s experienced electricians can handle all types of electric installations.

Go to https://www.lakeviewelectricllc.com for more information.

Lakeview Electric’s experts can handle projects of any complexity. You can count on timely completion of the project. The company can install all components of electrical systems, including motor control centers, transformers, transfer switches and generators, HVAC systems, 480V switchgear, uninterruptible power supply systems, lighting panels and LED systems, and others.

Lakeview Electric also has experience in installing fire alarms, photovoltaic systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and Sensormatic Security Systems.

Exposed wires, overloaded plugs, and damaged cords pose a serious threat to your workers. Lakeview Electric’s electricians can identify the electric needs of your space, prevent power surges and circuit overloads, perform proper grounding, install the most suitable equipment for optimal power consumption, and ensure a safe and efficient work environment.

The company also provides emergency services. Its experts can quickly troubleshoot problems and do the necessary repairs. They can also upgrade outlets and switchboards, install automated transfer switches and surge protection for you to have a safer and more energy-efficient workplace.

Clients benefit from free price estimates before the start of the project. Work usually starts within a week.

Lakeview Electric is one of the leading contractors in the area and, indeed, in the whole of Nevada. Eric Keller, the founder of the company, has over 30 years of electrical experience.

“The company only works with the best materials available and provides a 1-year guarantee on all labor,” said Eric Keller. “Lakeview Electric never compromises quality for time and gives its clients realistic schedules. Contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to the clients’ complete satisfaction.”

Lakeview Electric is the one-stop-shop for all the electrical needs of your business! Its experts will provide you with seamless, efficient, and competitively priced electrical services of the highest quality.

Call them at 775-227-6305 or click on the link above to schedule an appointment!

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