Hidrive Colas Hino: New Truck Service Bodies Fleet Near Brisbane QLD

Apr 9, 2024

Colas, a world leader in the construction and maintenance of road, air, rail and maritime transport infrastructure, has recently upgraded its field maintenance truck fleet with new Hino Hybrids equipped with Hidrive service bodies near Brisbane QLD.

The service bodies, designed and manufactured by Hidrive, a leading Australian provider of mobile workspaces, are tailored to meet the specific needs of Colas technicians who work on various road projects across the country. To learn more about the new Colas field maintenance truck fleet near Brisbane QLD, visit:


The Hidrive service bodies are full canopy models that offer secure and weatherproof storage for a range of equipment and tools, including welders, gas bottles, inverters, generators, air compressors, and rattle guns. The service bodies also feature slide-out benches, modular shelving systems, undertray rope rails, and flush floor systems that enhance the functionality, safety, and efficiency of the mobile workshops.

According to Andrew Hughes, Colas National Equipment Manager, the company chose Hidrive because of its formidable track record and capability to build fit-for-purpose service bodies according to their specifications. "We basically needed a 'workshop on wheels' for the guys working out in the field. We wanted to make these vehicles mobile workshops for our service technicians. From socket sets to air compressors, we even decked them out with 3/4 drive rattle guns from Milwaukee," he said.

"We listened and understood all of Colas' requirements and decision factors, and we created a layout that was both practical and user-friendly", said Stan Eagle, CEO of Hidrive. "We also used our innovative design and manufacturing system that allows us to build the service body before we receive the truck, saving weeks or months in the cycle to get the Colas' assets on the road faster."

The company was proud to partner with Colas and deliver service bodies that met their high standards and expectations. The Hidrive service bodies are also made from aluminium, which is much lighter than steel but does not compromise strength. This allows for extra payload capacity and fuel efficiency, which are important factors for Colas as they operate a large and diverse fleet of vehicles across Australia. The aluminium service bodies are also more resistant to corrosion and rust, which extends their lifespan and reduces maintenance costs.

To see the new Coals truck fleet in action, watch this YouTube video:


The Hidrive service bodies are not only functional and durable, but also aesthetically pleasing and consistent across the fleet. The full canopy models maximise the branding space for Colas and create a professional image for their customers and stakeholders. The service bodies also have a flexible chassis mount that allows the chassis to move without transferring excessive vibration or torsional stress to the body, which prevents cracking or damage.

The Hidrive service bodies for the Colas field maintenance truck fleet are examples of how Hidrive delivers fit-for-purpose mobile workspaces, with certainty. With over 20 years of experience and over 20,000 different service bodies built since the 1990s, Hidrive is the trusted choice for many industries and sectors that require reliable and efficient mobile solutions.

Find the Hidrive’s Brisbane QLD location on Google Maps:


Hidrive is a trusted manufacturer of service body canopies and accessories designed for various utility vehicles. Their high-quality, durable products are engineered to withstand the demands of the field service industry. Hidrive's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made them a preferred choice for organisations seeking reliable solutions.

Hidrive provides Australian companies with ute, trailer, and truck service body canopies. Hidrive operates from Australian locations in Brisbane QLD, Northgate QLD, Melbourne VIC, Derrimut VIC, Sydney NSW, Ingleburn NSW, Goulburn NSW, Canberra ACT, Perth WA, Canning Vale WA, Adelaide SA, Regency Park SA, and their respective surrounding areas.


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