Help Your Child To Become Financially Smart With London’s Best Online Course

Dec 4, 2020

Make sure your child is prepared to handle the world of money with confidence – FUNancial Freedom is the training course they need, making money management both simple and fun!

Give your child the gift of empowerment and control over their own financial future – the new FUNancial Freedom training course gives kids aged 7-17 the knowledge and skills they need to become masters of money! 

My Digital Genie has announced the launch of FUNancial Freedom, a virtual training course that aims to help children and teenagers learn valuable money management skills. The course is available for children in London and across the UK.

Go to for more information. 

The online membership course has been launched to aid children everywhere in becoming financially smart, preparing them to use, earn and save money responsibly. By helping your child to gain awareness and understanding of financial concepts, the course makes them better equipped in the present as well as for the future.

The course website emphasises the need for children to receive financial education from a young age. A UK survey indicates that the vast majority of British parents feel that learning about money at school would have helped them later in life, suggesting that schools should add financial management to curriculums. 

As a member of FUNancial Freedom, your child will learn about a different aspect of money on a monthly basis, such as credit cards or investing. They’ll also receive step-by-step guidance on opportunities that can help generate an income from home, whether through online or offline businesses. 

FUNancial Freedom gives simplified financial advice that teaches the importance of saving and investing money, benefiting your child in many different ways. With a focus on keeping content fun, the course helps students to explore ideas on how they can use their income while also helping their community and the environment. Your child will form healthy financial habits that’ll contribute to their future success. 

The course is split into sections aimed at children aged 7-13 and 14-19, with tailored content designed to appeal to each age group. Material is delivered through energetic animated videos that help your child relate to concepts that many adults find difficult to learn, such as compounding. 

As parents, you’ll also receive monthly training modules designed to provide overviews of the material that your child is due to learn, enabling you to assist with guidance and support. 

Created by digital marketers Paul O’Mahoney and Chris Farrell, the FUNancial Freedom training course helps your child, no matter their background, to obtain greater confidence while learning skills that’ll help them for life. 

Some of the most essential skills that children need aren’t being taught in schools – FUNancial Freedom provides financial education that makes figures fun! Visit the course website today at the above-mentioned link to learn more about the program’s unique structure and content! 

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