Help Ensure Your Home Is Protected This Winter With Vancouver Perimeter Drainage Experts New Service

Oct 20, 2016

Get expert information on your roofing and drainage ahead of the cold winter that’s coming and ensure your installations are up to date to help prevent long lasting water damage to your property.

A Vancouver plumbing expert has launched a new perimeter drainage and drain tile cleaning service ahead of what is expected to be a wet winter with extreme rainfall and winter storms. Blue Mountain Services recommends homeowners to take care of their exterior perimeter drains to prevent yard flooding, basement flooding, and possible foundation problems caused by water pressure when the ground water doesn't drain properly. They have created a specialized perimeter drain tile division for this service "doing business as" Expert Services.

More information can be found on the Vancouver Drainage Expert Services website at:

Blue Mountain Services offers its customers a 24/7 emergency service with experienced professionals on hand twenty four hours per day to see to any needs that arise due to bad weather or otherwise.

The company explains that when it comes to drainage on personal property, it's important that the slope of the yard assists the perimeter drain tile with good water flow around the structure. This helps ensure the water moves away from the foundation and keeps the property as dry as possible.

They go on to stress the importance of having a clutter free perimeter drainage system to ensure that water flows to the sewer. In bad weather, tree roots can break through the drain tile wall, which can block the flow of water. Blue Mountain Services advises anyone concerned about damage to their drainage system should get in touch with their expert staff to avoid any further damage.

When Blue Mountain Services arrives for a property inspection, their trained technicians will check the building for blockages, before going on to flush the drains to get the best water flow possible. This is important, because water damage doesn't just lower the value of the property, but can also cause health problems for the occupants.

The company's message is to ensure that no one leaves repair work or check ups too late, because if problems are left for too long, excessive water pressure can cause cracks in the foundation that will only get worse over time.

Full repair work and installation services are listed on the company website at the link above, where interested parties can get in touch using the contact form provided.

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