Heart Disease Treatment In Atlanta: Stem Cell Therapy For Cardiovascular Health

Oct 12, 2022

Springs Rejuvenation (404-780-5617) helps residents in Atlanta live their best lives with stem cell therapy! Got a heart issue? Are your lungs not functioning properly? Got a knee injury that won’t heal? Let us help you receive the best care with our alternative treatments.

Heart Disease Treatment In Atlanta: Stem Cell Therapy For Cardiovascular Health

Stem cells are the “smart cells” of our body. They can change to anything - from cardiac muscle to liver, brain, fat, or even skin tissue - which makes them so special in treating diseases caused by malfunctioning or depleted cells.

Imagine it like a computer game where your resources are low, even reaching the critical red point, and then suddenly your teammate lends a helping hand, and your gold, coal, and water is back to the green line.

Stem cell therapy can be the silver lining you deserve when conventional therapies and treatments have not worked out. The therapy is even deemed to be the “future” of modern medicine due to the many recent scientific advances and technologies, and we have no doubt that it will soon be the standard therapeutic solution for complicated illnesses.

So, if you’re looking for the best place to receive your stem cell treatment, look no further!

Springs Rejuvenation offers the best stem cell therapy for heart health. Our regenerative medicine clinic offers stem cell infusions to any area of the body that is not functioning properly.

In particular, we have improved our stem cell therapy for cardiovascular health. Dr. Charles Pereyra, our lead doctor, extracts stem cells from your fat, bone marrow, or from a donated umbilical cord. These are then injected either intravenously or into the injured area itself.

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The procedure takes less than an hour to complete and has been shown to provide pronounced results within two weeks and peeking at six months. Recent data has shown that cardiac regeneration using stem cell therapy is possible, especially with repeated injections in patients with severe myocardial injury. Further, scientists have noted that stem cells could potentially repair and regenerate damaged heart tissue, with the therapy reducing scar tissue around the heart by around 50% after a year from the first injection.

Still not convinced? Countless other studies have shown that stem cell therapy can even work its magic for supposedly “untreatable” conditions such as Alzheimer’s and traumatic brain injury!

We are a full-service regenerative medicine center dedicated to offering alternative treatments for chronic illnesses. We utilize several different diagnostic techniques, peptide infusions, and Wharton’s jelly stem cell-based modalities to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care.

Aside from offering stem cell therapy for heart health, we work with other conditions, including lung diseases, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and even brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Work with us today! We use only stem cells with one of the highest exosome counts and quality in the country. These cells are derived from healthy mothers in FDA-compliant labs.

We serve patients in Atlanta, Austin, and Fort Lauderdale/South Florida. We’ll soon be launching our newest branch in New York.

Our spokesperson summed it up perfectly: "At Springs Rejuvenation Center, we believe everyone deserves to have access to the highest quality health care treatments available. “Getting you back in the game of life” is our mission. Our industry-leading experts will work with you on a case-by-case basis. We want to help you achieve the highest quality treatment available and experience a joyful life with faster, quicker, satisfying results."

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