Healthcare BPO Offers Staffing & Outsourcing for Insurance and A/R Clean-Up

Apr 17, 2024

BeeSeen Solutions (631-777-8811) provides clients with agile staff at the ready to cover gaps in your talent resources. You can rely on them for billing &coding, insurance receivable management, denial management, A/R follow up patient account services, and more.

In a time of economic uncertainty, market volatility, and shifting consumer expectations, BeeSeen Solutions provides marketing, staffing, operational, and IT solutions for companies across diverse industries. They understand the challenges healthcare organizations are facing, like skyrocketing medical supplies costs, fast-paced changes in medical technology, and workforce needs, all while trying to provide affordable care.

BeeSeen Solutions offers a number of healthcare outsourcing services; you can learn about them and the company’s background here:

A Full Range of Healthcare Solutions

BeeSeen Solutions’ strategic staffing and outsourcing solutions for healthcare organizations include third-party claims billing review, insurance receivable management and clean-up, claims denials, and billing and coding. The company’s offerings allow you to enhance your operational efficiency, reduce costs, and leverage the specialized knowledge and skill sets of an agile workforce always at the ready.

Ensure Your Billing Processes Run Smoothly

BeeSeen Solutions’ billing review services for third-party insurance claims can help you improve your business's efficiency by ensuring submitted claims are accurate, complete, and compliant with payers’ policies and procedures. Such reconciliation precludes the costs and delays you'll incur by having to deal with fraud and abuse of the healthcare system.

Clean Up Receivable Claims

The company can also assist you with managing and cleaning up your receivable claims to reduce your administrative costs. When you have adequate staff on hand to thoroughly check claims before submitting them, you'll minimize claim denials and rejections, as well as appeals and resubmissions. Fewer administrative burdens mean more time and resource savings.

Billing & Coding

Moreover, with BeeSeen Solutions’ outsourced billing and coding services, you can quickly and inexpensively find certified coders with up-to-date training according to medical coding guidelines. Making sure your employees are up to date with constant industry changes ensures your coding and billing practices are accurate, errors are minimized, and reimbursements are maximized.

Besides third-party claims billing reviews, insurance receivable management, and billing and coding, BeeSeen Solutions offers you strategic staff augmentation for patient account services, claims denials, and improved patient experiences.

About BeeSeen Solutions

BeeSeen Solutions is an award-winning business consulting agency based in Huntington, New York. Besides specialized solutions for the healthcare sector, they deliver sales and marketing, lead generation, business development, call center services, and intelligent automation solutions across a range of industries.

“With over 25 years of experience, our team operates as an extension of internal departments to deliver maximized performance, enhanced compliance, and a positive customer experience,” shared Peter Pinto Co-Founder. “For healthcare providers, we ensure your systems and data are optimized to deliver the best possible care. By partnering with us, you’ll gain insights to proactively manage patients and outcomes and help you deliver more value from your existing technology investments.”

With BeeSeen Solutions, healthcare clients can increase their cash flows, decrease accounts receivable aging, enjoy a more manageable per-collector claim load, and reduce losses due to missed filing deadlines.

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