Heal Your Body And Relax Your Mind With This Top Rated Brainwave Meditation App

Apr 10, 2021

With the perfect symmetry of sound, music, and spoken word, newly launched app BrainTap Pro guides your brain into a state of deep relaxation, improving brain function and reducing stress.

Relax, reboot, and revitalize – BrainTap Pro’s assisted meditations will help restore your brain’s balance and rejuvenate your mind and body! 

The Neuro Lounge, a chiropractor clinic based in Vancouver, BC, has released BrainTap Pro, a new app designed to help people reach a state of deep relaxation through guided meditations.

To find out more, visit https://theneurolounge.com

The clinic specializes in reversing the effects of prolonged stress on the mind and body. With the latest launch, they aim to provide people in Vancouver and beyond with an accessible tool to achieve brain balance and boost physical and mental performance.

As modern life becomes increasingly digital and chaotic, our brains struggle to adapt and can become overwhelmed by the plethora of stressful stimuli.

BrainTap meditation can help you relieve that stress by retraining your nervous system and guiding your brain into a state of deep relaxation through advanced light and sound technologies.

Unlike traditional meditation apps, BrainTap uses an exclusive algorithm to synchronize brainwaves to external rhythms and sounds. This state is known as brainwave entrainment, and it helps the brain enter a state of altered consciousness.

This type of therapy is proven to achieve many health benefits, including relieving anxiety and depression, improving brain clarity and memory, reducing unwanted habits, increasing energy and focus and promoting better sleep habits.

The Neuro Lounge offers clients in-person Brain Tap sessions that combine ten different synergistic therapies to bring unparalleled relaxation and healing.

BrainTap Pro contains hundreds of encoded sessions that use the perfect symmetry of binaural sound, music, and spoken word to guide your brain through different frequencies, each with unique benefits.

You can benefit from a free 15 day trial of the home app to sample the benefits of deep relaxation and start your journey to healing in the comfort of your home.

The Neuro Lounge is the first office in Vancouver that offers a complete, integrated Brain Tap experience with a variety of immersive techniques for maximum wellness benefits. With their newly launched app, you can now reap the benefits of Brain Tap at home with minimal effort!

A satisfied customer said: “I first started using BrainTap after my experience with years of law enforcement. After one use I was able to sleep almost 12 hours. It completely changed my life.”

Visit https://braintap.com/15-day-gift for more info!

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