Head & Neck Alignment Support Pillow Is Portable For Home, Office & Travel Use

Oct 19, 2023

Desk Jockey offers a neck support pillow that can correct your bad posture and help you get rid of your chronic neck pain. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Read on to find out more.

If the thought of sitting for your next long day at the home office makes your neck twinge just thinking about it, you need Desk Jockey’s neck support pillow!

Desk Jockey’s ergonomic Memory Foam Neck Support Cushion with Plush Cover is a portable head and neck pillow you can simply attach to any upright chair whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. Desk Jockey has designed this pillow to be both comfortable and posture-improving and, if you use it regularly, it can promote better head and neck alignment. 

Go to https://deskjockeystore.com/products/neck-support-cushion to find out more.

Desk Jockey has developed its neck support cushion in response to the growing rates of acute and chronic neck pain in the United States. According to the latest figures from the National Spine Health Foundation, over 100 million Americans suffer from neck pain annually. 

If you’re one of the many Americans who is now working in a hybrid model or purely from home, Desk Jockey knows that your ergonomic desk and office chair have likely now been replaced by an impromptu kitchen table setup or by working from the home recliner. 

While most people want to naturally have better posture, the team at Desk Jockey understands that this isn’t always easy to maintain, which is why they have designed their Memory Foam Neck Support Cushion with Plush Cover, offering you complete neck support on any chair. 

Using high-quality memory foam, Desk Jockey’s pillow has an ergonomic design that was the product of extensive research and development by their orthopedic team on the causes of back and neck pain. 

With a soft and practical removable and washable cover and functional attachment straps, which mean you can easily attach it to an office chair, recliner, car seat, or even an airplane chair, Desk Jockey has made their pillow to be easy for you to use and easy for you to bring anywhere.

You can purchase the pillow in classic black, gray, or several other neutral shades that should match most chairs. 

If you’re looking for more life-improving products, Desk Jockey also retails a vast range of other posture-supporting and pain-reducing health and wellness goods. 

A spokesperson for the online retailer said, “Get ready to feel the fantastic quality of our chair support cushion neck pillow as soon as you open your new Desk Jockey product. Our curved neck pillow for back pain is crafted with a broad, thick, and suitably shaped design, using our specially crafted memory foam. It is meticulously engineered to provide unmatched comfort and support that won’t flatten out over time.” 

Buy Desk Jockey’s Memory Foam Neck Support Cushion with Plush Cover today. Your neck will thank you.

Visit https://deskjockeystore.com/products/neck-support-cushion to pick up this ergonomic and innovative pillow, and say goodbye to pain, discomfort, and bad posture.

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