Have Fresh Delicious Seafood Dumplings Delivered to Your NY Home The Next Day

Mar 7, 2021

Fresh food delivery service, All Fresh Seafood, introduces its new seafood dumping package: three dozen dumplings of lobster, shrimp, and crab with free Tamari dipping sauce.

Life is not an “either-or” event, but rather an “and” experience — and this online seafood delivery service shows you that you can have everything you want, especially when it comes to satisfying your tummy! Say “hello” to delicious, healthy, fresh meals with this new offering from All Fresh Seafood! 

All Fresh Seafood, a national online next-day air food delivery service, introduces its new dumpling trifecta package, which includes a dozen dumplings each of lobster, crab, and shrimp and one to eight oz of Tamari dipping sauce. You can now enjoy three dozen pieces of responsibly-sourced, chemical-free fresh seafood dumplings.

Check out https://allfreshseafood.com/collections/shrimp/products/copy-of-dumpling-tri-fecta-lobster-crab-shrimp-18-pcs?_pos=4&_sid=5a866e8f5&_ss=r now to know more! 

The food service expanded its line of seafood dumplings to cater to those who want a healthy alternative to traditional pork dim sum but still want to enjoy Asian cuisine. Having served residents in New York City for over 20 years, the owners of All Fresh Seafood have perfected the art of fusing taste with price. The grocery service decided to expand online to deliver sustainable fresh seafood nationwide. 

If you’ve felt that no online store can deliver fresh food to your doorstep, think again! All Fresh Seafood offers next-day air delivery service for all their items, from sushi-grade salmon to mussels and oysters. The online store also offers cooking essentials and assorted grocery items. 

The new bundle includes dumplings packed with Maine lobster stuffing, herbs, and Asian Aioli, dumplings stuffed with lump crab meat, Napa cabbage, and various Asian sauces, and dumplings with Indonesian shrimp. The dumpling trifecta package includes complimentary Tamari dipping sauce.

To ensure the quality and freshness of its seafood products, all items are packed using 100% recyclable materials. It’s best if you consume your seafood within two to three days or store it in a freezer to avoid spoilage. Dumplings are usually consumed steamed, although you can try frying them for a crunchier texture. 

All Fresh Seafood offers free next-day overnight delivery on orders over $125. 

Visit https://allfreshseafood.com today! Your tummy will thank you for it. 

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