Harrow Pinner & Stanmore Private Maths Tutor Provides A-Level & GCSE Tutoring For Students At Grammar & High School

Jan 10, 2017

Get the best maths scores with a professional tutor in the Pinner Stanmore & Harrow areas. Kamal Patel provides expert tuition and is a fully qualified QTS Maths teacher with over a decade’s experience with students in grammar and high school.

Kamal Patel, a fully-qualified Maths teacher with more than ten years of experience teaching Maths at grammar and high-school levels, announced an update of his tutoring services.

More information is available at http://alevelmathstutorharrow.co.uk

Private tutoring has become a necessity for those parents looking to provide their children with a thorough knowledge of a certain subject, as most modern parents seek to secure the best academic training for their children from an early age.

Different types of mandatory examination have become common throughout the European curriculum, and the demand for private lessons has increased. Parents strive to keep up with the current academic expectations, while also attempting to prepare their children for the future of their higher education.

As a result, many tutoring agencies have appeared, often offering promotional tutoring services for a variety of subjects. While some of them employ certified teachers and teaching professionals, many work with university students and other types of unqualified staff, thus providing dubious, ineffective educational services.

Kamal Patel is a fully-qualified QTS Maths teacher with extensive experience in both public school teaching and private tutoring. He is registered with the UK National College of Teaching and Leadership, and constantly pursuing professional self-development programmes.

Working for both grammar and high schools, Mr. Patel tailored his lessons to suit the OFSTED framework, while also diversifying his teaching methods according to tried-and-tested pedagogical principles.

His more than 4,000 hours of tutoring experience allowed him to create a tutoring programme designed to facilitate learning for students of all ages and academic levels, from secondary school pupils to A level candidates.

Mr. Patel provides individualized assessment and custom tutoring plans for each individual student, while also constantly assessing the progress to create remedial procedure plans, if necessary.

The current offer includes a free one-hour bespoke tutoring session, typically valued at £50.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

More information is available at http://alevelmathstutorharrow.co.uk

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