Gutterman’s Inc Provides Quality Jewish Funerals to woodbury, NY

Jan 19, 2017

Please visit to read information about the high-quality Jewish funerals provided by Gutterman’s Inc. to the Woodbury, NY area.

The funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. have the deepest respect for the families they serve and for the faith they follow. The funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. have been providing the Woodbury, New York area with meaningful Jewish funerals since 1892. They are committed to arranging funeral services that not only honor the loved one and the family’s wishes, but also respects the long-standing traditions of the Jewish religion. They know that losing a loved one is a deeply traumatic experience and they are constantly available to families at their time of deepest need. Please feel free to call the funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. whenever there is a need for a consultation, conference, guidance or support. A family should contact its rabbi immediately following the loss to inform him or her of the passing. The family, its rabbi and one of the skilled funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. will set up the time and place of the funeral and decide who will officiate the service. If a family is not affiliated with a synagogue and does not have a rabbi, the funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. will help it to find one to conduct the service. The goal at Gutterman’s Inc. is to have the funeral occur as quickly as possible while never sacrificing quality. For more information, please visit

Embalming and cosmetology for the departed are not allowed under Jewish law. In lieu of these applications, the funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. have trained members of the Sacred Society wash and dress the deceased in the traditional and dignified manner. Also in line with Jewish tradition is their practice of having males prepare males and females prepare females. The loved one is dressed in a full set of traditional white clothing signifying purity and equality which includes a hat, shirt, pants, jacket, belt and wrapping sheet. Ideally, these items should be made of linen. The mourners should clothe themselves in a manner that mirrors the seriousness of the event. Flashy displays should be avoided. Flowers and musical accompaniment should not be at a Jewish funeral.

The Bible teaches that people were made of dust and to dust they return, therefore the funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. bury each of the deceased in a wooden casket. They have wooden coffins available. There is no need to plan a wake or visitation since having an open casket goes against Jewish law. The Bible requires a burial under the ground, filling the grave to maximum capacity until a heap is formed. It is the religious privilege and duty of mourners to take part in the filling of the grave. However, the funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. do offer cremation and above ground burial options. Please speak to one of the licensed funeral directors there about these choices.

In addition to planning at need funerals, Gutterman’s Inc. also has a funeral pre-planning service. New York Pre-Plan accounts are administered by the New York State Funeral Directors Association and each account is held under the purchaser’s name. The buyer remains in control of the funds. Revocable agreements are completely refundable at any time, along with all interest the account has accrued. Irrevocable agreements are transferable to any funeral home in the United States. If the contract is fully paid, the merchandise and goods selected are price-guaranteed except for cash advance items.

If one lives in New York and wishes to be buried somewhere else, the funeral directors at Gutterman’s Inc. are able to handle all transportation, funeral and burial arrangements. They specialize in mortuary shipping in New York, throughout the United States, Israel and across the world.

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