Greenheart sets it sights on greener pastures.

Feb 28, 2022

#Greenheart on the Move

Greenheart sets it sights on greener pastures.

Greenheart is moving to the USA

Greenheart is relocating to the United States, with the first operations in North America launching in New Jersey.

Greenheart in Ireland

Greenheart performs numerous third-party lab tests on their entire line of products, which are made public on the website under each individual product, or available for review below.

Greenheart stands by their products and has always remained compliant with FSAI guidelines. In line with transparency and accountability, the company has willingly recalled all products to comply with the latest FSAI ruling.

Greenheart products undergo rigorous third-party testing. As an Irish company supporting fellow Irish companies, the company contracted JHG Analytical Services to thoroughly test all products. Amongst others include AL-Bioservices and Source BioScience, as well as testing completed by the numerous organizations that have bestowed the company with awards for their oils.

Subsequently, Greenheart as an entity in Ireland will cease to exist and operations will be moved to the United States, enabling reach to a larger market.

Without exception, the company will continue to comply with local regulations. Products will be available to customers again in the next coming weeks, with the company’s continued commitment to third-party lab-testing made available publicly and in compliance with all local laws and regulations.

Irish and other customers will only need to wait for a short period of time before they can purchase Greenheart products again—this time from the USA.

The Greenheart Token

Operations in the USA are set to begin as soon as possible, with production facilities currently enroute to the Greenheart partner in New Jersey.

The first staking pool to be launched will be the Statue of Liberty pool, with pools in South America and Thailand to follow. The Greenheart Token ecosystem will continue to thrive and support farmers around the world, providing full transparency and traceability to the industry.

Greenheart at a Glance

Greenheart asks that the mothers whose children received symptom relief from autism, as well as those who rely on their oils for pain relief and restfulness, to wait patiently as they work tirelessly to resume operations from the United States.

The company is thankful to be the recipients of numerous awards throughout the years, from The Cannavist, the All-Ireland Business Foundation, Top 30 under 30, and so on. And while Greenheart are proud to be featured in Vogue, RSVP, RTE, The Irish Times, and more, they look forward to the accomplishments that the future holds abroad.

Greenheart is honored to have had the opportunity to serve the people of Ireland from their Irish facility.

The Greenheart team will be available to address any questions or concerns that consumers or others may have, and the public are asked to reach out to their support email directly for answers.

Greenheart has requested permission to share the results of this test from the public analyst lab and is awaiting their response.

The company is also initiating another test using a separate accredited third-party lab which will be shared once available.


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