Green Day’s Restored “Bookmobile” Tour Bus Sold By Wheels For Wishes

Apr 18, 2018

Green Day’s donated original tour bus, the Bookmobile, was sold at auction to benefit Make-A-Wish through Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes

Wheels For Wishes sold the newly restored Bookmobile, Green Day’s original tour bus, for $100,000 in Cleveland, Ohio to benefit children through Make-A-Wish. The anonymous buyer purchased it after Wheels For Wishes had loaned it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their display. Green Day chose Wheels For Wishes for their tour bus donation to benefit children facing critical illnesses through various local chapters of Make-A-Wish. Learn more about Wheels For Wishes at:

“It was no surprise when I learned Green Day had donated their first ever tour bus, the Bookmobile, to Wheels-for-Wishes which supports the Make a Wish Foundation that helps grant ‘wishes’ to children with life-threatening illnesses,” the anonymous buyer said.

Green Day originally donated the Bookmobile on Jan. 11, 2017 to Wheels For Wishes. Wheels For Wishes saw a greater opportunity in the donation and arranged to have it restored by the famous West Coast Customs. The restoration aired as part of the television series, Inside West Coast Customs on Jan. 23, 2018.

After the restoration, the Bookmobile, looking like brand new, went on display in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Wheels For Wishes reunited Green Day with their beloved original tour bus for the first time in front of the Hall of Fame. Fans of Green Day also had their first chance to see the Bookmobile up close while it was on display.

Following its restoration in California and display in Cleveland, the Bookmobile was ready to be sold by Wheels For Wishes in order to make a huge impact for Make-A-Wish. The anonymous buyer quickly seized the opportunity to purchase the restored Bookmobile.

Although she wouldn’t classify herself as an old school fan of Green Day, the anonymous buyer has deeply appreciated Green Day since she first saw American Idiot The Musical in 2009. Since then, her appreciation for Green Day spanned beyond the music. She became inspired by Green Day’s philanthropy and relief efforts. When it came time for her to step up and help out in her community, Green Day inspired her to be a support for first responders. Around the same time, Wheels For Wishes was selling Green Day’s donated Bookmobile.

“I saw the word ‘auction’ next to ‘Bookmobile’ and everything clicked,” she said. “What better way to build my own future than by combining my love of Green Day’s music and philanthropy, wanting to contribute to society instead of being a passive bystander, and showing my appreciation to my favorite band and their fans by putting the Bookmobile into service if I had the means to do so?”

The buyer already has plans for what she will do with the Bookmobile. She will make it bio-diesel friendly and safe for the road. The Bookmobile will make its return to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the summer, and she will loan it out for a week for the opening of the Chandler Museum in December. In celebration of Dookie, Green Days album from the Bookmobile days, the original tour bus will cover the original tour’s 38 cities from Feb. 15 through April 9 for the album’s 25th Anniversary. The Bookmobile will also be available on loan for organizations like Wheels For Wishes to generate even more charitable funds for great causes. Finally, she plans on using the Bookmobile as transportation to disaster sites, bringing temporary relief to first responders.

The decision for Wheels For Wishes to restore the Bookmobile not only has made a big difference for deserving children through Make-A-Wish, but it will also have a lasting philanthropic impact from the generous anonymous buyer.

“Green Day has taught me many valuable lessons through their music, comradery, and dedication to charities,” she said. “Never forget where you came from. Always lend a helping hand. Remember the underdog. Explode with creativity and vibrancy. Voice your opinions and be heard. Embrace the world and each other because it’s all about love and compassion. But most importantly, they taught me how to live.”

For their generous donation, Green Day will receive a tax deductible receipt to use on their 1098-c during tax time. Wheels For Wishes offers this to every donor along with free pick up and towing.

Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) vehicle donation organization, benefiting Make-A-Wish. Wheels For Wishes donors receive free towing and a tax-deductible receipt. Car Donation Foundation has donated over $47 million and counting.

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