Greater Milwaukee CNC Metalworking Company Announces Wire EDM Prototyping Services

Jan 8, 2019

Muskego, WI wire EDM technology company CAM Technologies announced the launch of its prototyping services. The company now offers precision CNC wire EDM prototypes for single-run or extended production, serving multiple industries including aerospace, medical engineering, automotive, and component manufacture in Waukesha and Milwaukee.

Muskego, WI wire EDM technology company CAM Technologies has announced its precision prototyping services. The company uses cost-effective wire electric discharge machining (EDM) as a cutting method to create machine and product prototypes.

More information about CAM Technologies is available at

Electric discharge machining is an ultrafine contact-free cutting method that uses electricity to cut metal. Wire EDM is a form of precision machining that uses a single strand of metal wire as an electrode to perform the electrical erosion of a workpiece to an accuracy of up to 0.0001 inches. The process is performed with the workpiece immersed in a dielectric and is used to create intricate shapes from hard or soft metals.

CAM Technologies is a specialized EDM facility that now offers precision wire EDM prototyping at its Muskego location. The process uses computer numerical control (CNC) to cut intricate patterns into metal and is well-suited to the crafting of prototypes because of its low cost and quick turnaround time. The facility provides wire EDM services to clients across industry sectors including medical engineering, aerospace, automotive, tool & die manufacturing, component manufacturing, and other industries that require cost-effective prototypes and parts.

The facility offers wire EDM services for workpieces up to 3,550 lbs in weight and a maximum dimension of 41×28.7x12.2 inches. The company's EDM machines are capable of cutting all types of hard and soft conductive material with a taper of up to 30 degrees and wire sizes of 0.004 to 0.012 inches with 4-axis programming that accepts all major design formats. The company operates 12 wire EDM machines and 2 EDM micro drilling machines.

According to a spokesperson for the Greater Milwaukee CNC metalworking company, "We are happy to announce the handling of wire EDM prototyping services in Muskego. We take pride in the quality of our work and in being able to meet time-sensitive production requirements for our customers across Waukesha County, the Greater Milwaukee region, and beyond."

CAM Technologies is a precision machining facility headquartered in the city of Muskego and serving customers in Waukesha, the metro Milwaukee area, and into Chicago. The company also offers EDM micro drilling services and 24/7 production capabilities. More information and free quotes are available over the phone at 262-679-8004 and at the URL above.

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