Great Taste Award-Winning Hot Sauce From London Brand: Cayenne & Mint Sweet Heat

Oct 11, 2021

Tired of the same old bland and artificial hot sauces? Try the latest award winner from London brand MAHI to add a twist of sweet heat to any meal!

Do you love clean eating and healthy foods, but struggle to find sauces that aren’t full of sugar and unhealthy ingredients? Then you need to try the condiments from MAHI, for a whole new taste experience that’s healthy too!

The recent announcement from the brand confirms that their Cayenne & Mint Sweet Heat Sauce has been given a Gold Award by Great Taste, allowing the company to display the Awards’ famous black and gold logo on their product in acknowledgement of the win.

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The company’s win at the Awards’ is the latest in recent years, with the company having been awarded a 1-star win for both their Jerk BBQ Sauce and Scorpion Pepper & Passion Hot Sauce back in 2019, alongside a 2-star win for their Tamarind & Mango Sweet Heat Sauce.

Established in 2008, MAHI began as a family dinner table conversation. The company describes their differing tastes and continental backgrounds, but shared passion for flavour and healthy, clean eating. Finding the supermarket shelves laden with artificial colours, preservatives and more, they decided to create a brand that embodied the zing and flavour they were after, and with a team of experts (referred to as sauceologists) on board, the company was born.

The brand’s Cayenne & Mint Sweet Heat Sauce was developed to complement meat and popular barbecue foods, designed for you to use as a sauce, dip, or marinade according to your preference. Blending cayenne peppers and fresh tomatoes, the final twist of mint is what led the sauce to stand out at the Great Taste Awards, and was favourably commented on by several judges as an unusual addition to the hot sauce category.

Like many of MAHI’s condiments, the award winner is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike, gluten-free, and made without artificial colours and flavours in line with the brand’s passion for clean eating. Now with its new Gold Great Taste Awards 2021 label, the product—alongside the brand’s other sauces and marinades—is available for you to purchase from Ocado, Amazon, and directly from the company website.

With the latest announcement, MAHI continues to produce healthy and delicious hot sauces and condiments to appeal to most palates, now acknowledged as outstanding by the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards.

“The sauce is an interesting concept and one that we felt would go perfectly with a lamb burger,” said one of the Great Taste Awards’ judges. “The balance of the sauce is precise, with accurate spice and sweetness levels. The mint comes across strongly, making for a really excellent product.”

MAHI is the dinnertime condiment brand you can trust to tantalise your tastebuds with exciting new flavour combinations—and a delicious kick of heat!

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