Got Whiplash? This Orange, CA Car Accident Doctor Can Treat It – Book Now!

Apr 15, 2021

New chiropractic treatments for whiplash are available through Dr Marks of Orange, CA. The treatments are for car crash victims and help to eliminate pain and restore full range of motion.

Overcome the effects of painful car crash injuries and get the compensation you’re entitled to when you visit Dr Marks, the car accident injury specialist who can treat you quickly and effectively!

Dr Marks, a car accident chiropractor and chiropractic pain relief specialist based in Orange, CA, has launched car accident injury treatments at his clinic.

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The recently launched treatments cover a wide variety of physical issues and injuries commonly associated with car accidents, including whiplash and concussion. You will receive treatment from Dr Barry Marks, an experienced car accident injury specialist who has been treating car accident trauma since 1986.

Dr Marks explains that car accidents can cause a lot of physical injuries, even when there is little damage to the car. He cites a 2001 Japanese study that looks at the link between vehicle damage and treatment duration. Visit for more information.

The study found that the group with the highest total treatment duration were involved in crashes that did not cause vehicle damage. Dr Marks says this is important as individuals are often unable to claim damages for the full extent of their injuries.

As well as providing injury treatment after a collision, Dr Marks is also able to provide thorough examinations that identify hidden car accident injuries. This allows his patients to claim for the full insurance compensation they are entitled to.

He uses his years of specialist training to locate and diagnose your specific injuries by examining many areas of your body, including bones, discs, joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves. After an examination, Dr Marks will create a tailored treatment plan for you that is focused on combating spasms, relieving injury pain, and restoring a full range of motion to the injured area.

Dr Marks offers a number of treatments such as laser light therapy, chiropractic adjustment, and electrical stimulation. Interested parties can arrange an appointment via the practice website.

A past patient says, “Excellent experience. Convenient appointment times. And responsive to my concerns about back and neck pain. I received an effective treatment plan that resulted in a return to normal function.”

Dr Barry Marks is a leading car accident injury doctor based in Orange, California. He carefully listens to his patient’s concerns to determine the root cause of the issue and has special training in whiplash and brain injury.

Are you ready to say goodbye to painful car crash injuries? For more info on Dr Marks and the launch of his car accident injury treatments go to

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