Gold Silk Sheets: Pure Elegance Duvet Sheet Set Comes In UK Emperor Bed Size

Sep 19, 2023

Experience pure elegance with gold silk sheets: Mayfairsilk debuts the Golden Champagne Oxford Silk Duvet Sheet Set.

There’s nothing like the feeling of sleeping in pure silk, especially if you’re sleeping in the highest-grade pure mulberry silk used by Mayfairsilk.

Since their launch in 2020, Mayfairsilk has been committed to handcrafting premium silk bedding made from the highest quality 22 and 25 momme silk, and with their new Golden Champagne Oxford Silk Duvet Sheet Set, they have sought to offer you an even more opulent experience. Their new refined Golden Champagne hue has taken its inspiration from the grand halls of the Château de Versailles and captures both the illustrious and lustrous quality of gold for you.

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Mayfairsilk has also made their new high-end pure silk bedding set with a classic Oxford border, which they believe adds to the overall sophistication and elegance of the set.

The Golden Champagne Oxford Silk Duvet Sheet Set is the first set to be released from the silk house’s upcoming Autumn 2023 collection and they believe that as summer fades and you are drawn back into your home, you should cultivate the same sense of luxury at home that you have enjoyed on your summer vacations.

The new duvet set is available in four different size selections, to suit your double, king, super king or emperor bed size, with options for standard and super king-sized pillows. The set has been handcrafted in the London silk house’s boutique artisan factory from 100% grade 6A long-strand mulberry silk.

As Mayfairsilk exclusively uses the highest grade pure natural silk, aside from its lush visual opulence, the Golden Champagne Oxford Silk Duvet Sheet Set will also bring you the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Mayfairsilk believes you will immediately notice your new duvet set’s temperature-regulating and skin and hair-nourishing qualities.

Mayfairsilk’s flagship store is in London and they ship their bedding throughout the UK and internationally.

A spokesperson for the premier silk house said, “This silk duvet cover is crafted in an elegant shade of Golden Champagne, effortlessly complemented by a matching piping for an utterly tasteful touch. Each piece is fashioned from our hand-selected 22 momme matte silk, delivering a sense of luxury that is both quiet and refined. Relish the understated sophistication and effortless charm of this duvet cover as it transforms your sleep space into a peaceful sanctuary.”

Your bedroom will become a true luxury masterpiece with Mayfairsilk.

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